The anger of the religious

Why are the people suffering from religion so angry all the time?

(An angry bird)

It seems to be that the more inflicted and under the spell of a religion the more they get angry and aggressive.  Very aggressive.  To the point where they want to kill people.  Sometimes happily killing themselves in the process of killing others.

Now, this of course means we are talking about those suffering from the advanced forms of deity belief that accompany Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, or any of the other main religions that people’s brains get muddled up with.

But, it also includes an infection with a non-deity based belief, like the hatred of humanity, the love of Mother Earth, global warming, animal rights, politics, or even support for a football team.

(Radio enthusiasts / ‘anoraks’ are also inflicted with this anger but their nurses won’t let them be a threat to other people.)

In all cases, it seems that the alleged words of the ‘prophets’ of their religion, or the ‘books’ associated with their religion can never be questioned, debunked, updated, renewed, or challenged.  As soon as any attempt is made to apply logic or facts to their claim, they get extremely angry.  They get so angry that they don’t think twice about hurting people.

The religious extremists infected with a deity virus will think nothing of blowing up those not infected with the same religion.  Those deluded by the animal rights religion think nothing of digging up long dead relatives of those they’ve chosen to be angry with and leaving the bones strewn across their lawns.  The closed-minded believers that man is in some way changing the climate want to hurt humans as a ‘punishment’ for the sins they have decided have been committed.

They are very hard to attempt to reason with.  As soon as any attempt is made to approach a logical or scientific discussion they get angry.   They shout a lot, and try to ‘win’ their ‘argument’ through violence and aggression. That’s because they’re very very angry.

Where does this anger come from?  Is it a bit like the brain inside trying to make sense of the reality it’s seeing but shrouded in wacky dogma?  Because they know that what they ‘believe’ doesn’t actually pass any logical test or make any sense, is that what makes them angry?  Is the anger a sign of their inner conflict?

That would make a lot of sense, and it would certainly explain why those with the most irrational and obscure ‘beliefs’ are usually the most angry!