I Guess We All Knew

(A guest article written by Peter Moore)

A 12 year old girl goes shopping and fails to return, quite plausible. Maybe she has a secret boyfriend or one that her family do not approve of. Maybe they hatch a childish plan to run away and maybe they will call home tired and hungry when they realise their plan is stupid. What a good outcome that would be.

But soon more elements creep in. How was she dressed ?  ‘Ah yes,’ the family explain, ‘she had a yellow Boob Tube over a visible white bra and leggings.’  At 12 ?

Further she had little money and no bus pass and her phone was left behind. With a mobile phone being the ultimate accessory, is this likely?

The missing girl has a 46 year old grandmother and her daughter (the missing girl’s mum) is 31. So we guess that the grandmother got pregnant at 15. Grandad is not really a grandad, but a 37 year old career criminal who previously had a ‘relationship’ with the missing girl’s mum, who herself has a boyfriend.  The missing girl’s real father walked out years since.

Then out come the horse faced relatives and the fat imbeciles with their candles and flowers and messages ‘Love 2 U Tia’ followed by ‘A litle angle gon 2 Heavin’. It would be hilarious aside from the fact that a child is dead.

Now, if I lose something, like I drop a fitting from the boat I am building, I first look for it where it fell. If that does not reveal it I see if the item rolled under the workbench. Otherwise I sweep up the wood-shavings to see if it is in there. I don’t take a walk around the streets.

If the ‘Grandfather’ insists the girl walked out of the house but hedges his bets by saying that he was distracted by ‘doing the hoovering’ any decent copper will smell a very big rat. So the first place to search is the home. It is not a mansion with cellars, outbuildings and secret passages. This is a two bedroom terrace. The places to conceal a dead human must be limited and obvious.  

Prior to arrest ‘Grandad’ protests, ‘well we all have a (shady) past’.  But ‘we’ don’t.  Only in his world are multiple convictions the norm. The man is already in a relationship with Gran, having previously been in one with Mum. I can only speculate that maybe he wanted to keep the process going. A wise old friend told me years ago, ‘The best indicator of future behaviour is previous behaviour’.

The truth will out, after the dullards have stopped protesting and telling their badly thought out lies.

Peter Moore.
(Guest Author)