God’s hiding place found in a boson

A Higgs-Boson walks into a Catholic church. 
The priest shouts, “We don’t allow Higgs-Bosons in here.”
The Higgs-Boson replies, “But without me, how can you have mass?”

Somebody, most likely a meeja person trying to understand exactly what it is, gave the Higgs boson the nickname of the ‘God particle’.

So, with the discovery – almost definitely maybe – honest – it was there just now – look there it is – of the Higgs boson, or at least a boson that’s where the Higgs should be, there’s a lot of unhappy god-botherers.

For the more ignorant amongst them, there is that stomach churning “Oh no!” feeling as if their lord and master has in some way been found in his hiding place, and will now punish everybody.

Well, if they chose to worship one of the possible particles that possibly gives things mass, possibly, then, yes, their god has probably been found.  I must admit that picking on a tiny particle that is still mainly only alive in theoretical particle physics, let alone in practical particle physics, and deciding it should be worshipped is a bit odd, but then I’ve never understood the whole need to worship anything.

For the liberals and lefties that have rejected the traditional Middle Eastern gods and replaced them with the worship of the planet, we will probably be getting terrible stories about how chasing after the Higgs boson is damaging the planet (Hey, maybe it’s triggering climate change!) and we must stop or we will be to blame for something.  (Let’s hope they don’t challenge the ethics of smashing atoms into each other and break-in to ‘liberate’ those poor atoms.)

But for the conservatives and righties who tend to still enjoy a bit of forelock touching to the bearded god of the Middle East, outrage must be bubbling in their veins, especially in the more unenlightened parts of the world like America.

America is, in common with most Islamic countries, dominated by a rejection of science, and the opting to believe in creationism and other such god-related things.  They see the scientific process as evil and wrong and in some way an affront to their chosen idol.  Almost nobody from the Republican party in America ‘believes’ in evolution, or will accept the age of the earth.  These are the people who will be running things next year!

Scientists don’t refer to any of the bosons as a god particle, and yet the Higgs boson being referred to in that way has led to some very loud outpourings of scorn and disbelief from some very backward and ignorant people.  And I’m not referring to people outside of the West!

How will they cope with the final Theory of Everything?