The best Indian Takeaway. Evah!

People who know me, know that I eat anything.  That’s why I’m a fat bastard. One of my pleasures is the ‘curry’, although I hate it being called ‘curry’.

Actually, I don’t like hot burning ‘curries’, but I do love the delicate flavours of a properly prepared Anglo-Indian recipe.  I look for a mouthwatering experience, a medley of taste sensations, and tend to favour the tandoor oven and mixtures of sweet and spice along with nestling marinaded meat, vegetables and so on.

Ok, so now you know that I’m a bit particular about what I want from a ‘curry’, if it has to be given this generic name, and what I don’t want is, curry!

Now then.  We happened upon a lovely village called Culcheth near Warrington.  It’s one of those reasonably large villages with a central shopping area full of restaurants, and library and all the amenities, supporting quite a fairly large community, but it is surrounded on all sides by farmland, which turns it into an island.

The community seems to be very strong, with their own shiny little magazine, no visible graffiti or vandalism, but an overwhelming air of safety, calm and happiness.  Of course, this might not be in any way true, but it’s how it seemed to us outsiders.

Being a pretty place we deviated around and started looking down random roads.  We’re explorers, we are.  And nosey.

One road, Church Lane, had a old historic pub right at the end of it at the entrance to an old church, in keeping with traditions of old, no doubt!

Right side, someone’s home. Left side, the extension bit that’s the takeaway.

Church Lane and all roads off of it were full of a mixture of very old and very new housing stock, all quite pleasant.  Except for one, which was just an ordinary semi-detatched house with a very large garage to the left of it.

Well, maybe once it had been a very large garage.  Now it was a huge kitchen, with a front door and windows and a small area into which we could walk and order an Indian takeaway.  How bizarre, and they’d been there for about six months, apparently.

In the small customer area in the front of the kitchen were a number of very comfortable chesterfield type sofas.

Customers are invited to sit and wait for their ‘curry’, and are offered a complimentary cup of coffee as they browse through the large collection of literature available on the side tables. It’s a shame it’s only a takeaway. The customer care and attention to detail is fantastic and would beat many a restaurant.

Anyway, a number of gentlemen wearing the whitest, cleanest ‘whites’ I’ve ever seen, set about cooking the meal in front of us. Everywhere is spotlessly clean, and watching them cook with pride and precision was fascinating, and the smell in the air from the cooking food was outrageously appetising.

In our particular case, we weren’t taking the food home as it was far too far and would have been cold.  Besides, we were starving.  When the food was handed over, we asked if they had any forks, explaining that we were going to eat in the car.  We weren’t just given forks, but two disposable plates and a fair amount of kitchen roll too.

We strolled to the car and drove to the church end of the lane in order to consume our feast.  On opening the bag we noticed that they’d even put in a few mint sweets for us to eat afterwards.

Now then, you’re waiting for a twist in this tale, aren’t you?  Well, there isn’t one.  The food was excellent.  The meat was very succulent, and the sauces were absolutely delicious.  And the portions were large.

Try as I might, I can’t fault it.  It has to be the best ‘curry’ … in the world.

Now, that’s why I’d like to recommend it.  Not that my recommendation will help them get any extra trade, unfortunately, but I’m at least putting it ‘out there’.  If you’re ever travelling on the M62, head off and enjoy this fantastic experience.  The prices are about average, but give you a far above average quality and quantity of food than you’ll find for hundreds of miles.

Set your SatNav to 3A Church Road, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 5DL. Look for ‘Herbs and Spices‘, behind the Harrow pub next to the Culcheth Garden centre.  They are open seven days a week from 5pm to 11pm.