Killing witches in England

For normal people it is hard enough to accept that there are still god-botherers in this enlightened age.  It’s a relief that in the ‘freer’ parts of the world, the stranglehold the organised religions have, has all but disappeared from the minds of the majority.  Globally, it’s got a long way to go.  We still have mad nuclear powers driven by god-bothering such as those in Iran or those in the United States of America and the conflict of the two different gods seeming to want to make their god-botherers feel a need to fight the other god’s god-botherers.

Yet, in the more enlightened parts of the world, god-bothering is disappearing so rapidly that an end-date can already be calculated for the final demise of Christianity.

So, it was with some shock that I watched parts of the trial of two people in England who killed a young boy because one of them decided he was a witch.  And it wasn’t just an instant killing, it was a slow and calculated torturing to death of the boy.  The ‘decision’ that he was a witch had come from just one of his torturers, and his dominance over the other and the children they had charge of meant that everybody just accepted his prognosis and joined in.

I’m not sure what exactly it is that a witch-accuser has as a qualification.  It seems that in the simple and somewhat backward culture that the main murderer came from, anybody can shout and point ‘witch’ and instantly everybody around them just accepts it, and the poor victim has no chance of protesting innocence.

In a way, it’s a bit like how just one person, Harold Camping, was able to shout ‘the end is nigh’ and literally thousands just accepted it.  Such is the hypnotic quality of organised god-bothering, that it relies on people just being ‘told’ something whilst being positively mocked if they question it or try to apply any form of logic to the mantras they are forced to live by.  It makes them just accept the will of those who are more devious or confused or angry or just able to shout loudest.

This really is something that needs to be ‘taught out’ of people at an early age; maybe it should be part of the early years curriculum at school.  The ability to reason and to apply ‘logical tests’ to everything needs to be encouraged as a replacement to the unquestioning acceptance of the illogical.  Scepticism should be in a person’s mind as standard, not compliance.

It should have been the case that when the main murderer of this boy first started to point and shout “witch” that his partner should have tried to talk him down from his delusion, protect the victim, and summon some form of help up to and including the men in white coats.

Instead, she just accepted and joined in with the summary execution of the boy.  And this happened not in the dark ages when the Catholic church was running around burning witches, but it happened today, in this modern enlightened age.  We could have prevented it.