Facebookers make ready to jump off bridges

The Facebork timelines have finally arrived for the prolls using Facebork.
(Oh dear.)  
Blood before Christmas! 
(Where’s my popcorn?) 

As a very important person, I’ve had a Facebork timeline for three or four months (I even ‘anoraked’ about them fairly favourably and gave some handy tips for their use here), and had almost forgotten that it had yet to be rolled out to the masses.

A few days ago the public roll-out finally started.  It’s still at that stage whereby the switching off of ‘walls’ and all the hundreds of pages and keystrokes you need to drive Facebork, and replacing the whole lot with a ‘timeline’ is a voluntary thing.  It’ll be voluntary for another week or so.  Therefore those who hate change will be able to hide from it for just a little longer.  Then, all hell will break loose!

I guess the idea is to try to ensure the loud wailing and moaning is not too loud.

Hilariously, I’ve already heard the, “Right, that’s it, I’m off to Google+” mantras.

They, of course, are blissfully unaware of two things.  One, that the Facebork timeline is very similar to the way that Google+ already works, just a little more content comprehensive, and two, that we on Google+ don’t want Faceborkers invading our space thank you very much!

A few will of course migrate to Google+ and just sit there wondering why nothing’s happening.  It won’t occur to them that if you move from England to Canada you have to make new friends!  They’ll eventually go back to Facebork when they realise that they’ll never manage a quorum, and the small fixed set of people they always talk to are still on Facebork.  They’ll huff and puff for a few weeks, then settle back down with the same accepting attitude they had before some bastard knocked down their walls and put up that terribly modern timeline.

Speaking of timelines, personally I’ve never recorded any truths about me on Facebork, and Christopher England is not my real name anyway.  So…inspired by the brilliant Joy of Tech comic (click through the pic for more), let’s see what I think of to put on my timeline. Mwahahahaha!…