Climategate 2.0: Cameron’s adviser is now sceptical

So, if mainstream news media reports are to be believed, it appears that the UK Prime Minister’s ‘green guru’ has sussed that the whole man made climate change scare is just man made.

Steve Hilton, the man behind the Conservative party ‘Vote Blue and Go Green’ slogan and director of strategy, supposedly shocked a meeting of the Energy Department, full of those indoctrinated by the Global Warming religion’s propaganda, by saying that he didn’t believe Climate Change was as cut and dried as the ‘greenies’ would like to force the rest of the world to ‘believe’.

He is advising taking a far more relaxed approach to environmental issues, especially as the ‘greenies’ desire to force fuel poverty upon Britons is starting to bite.  The real problem is that the country is bound by legislation to enact some of the ‘greenie’ religion’s desires, and so it is proving harder than first imagined to work to protect the starving and shivering of the United Kingdom.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), much to the consternation of the various environmentalist pressure groups that usually dominate and try to control it, has already started to soften the level of alarmism by actually allowing this year’s ‘Climate Bible’ to put doubt on the level of sensitivity our climate has.

With the Climategate 2.0 emails showing that the climate scientists were being directly told by the Labour Government of the day, exactly what to present to the public, requiring that it be ‘on message’ to ‘the cause’, with the Climategate 2.0 emails showing that any science papers that disagreed with the ‘greenie’ religion, were squashed, and the editors of associated scientific journals were hounded and ‘punished’, with the Climategate 2.0 emails showing the deep control over the editorial policies of the BBC to make all reporting biased, and with more climate scientists coming forward to join the thousands who are not convinced man has any real influence, the ‘greenie’ propaganda is beginning to fail.

All we true sceptics want is a halting of the dogma and ‘faith’ based greenie propaganda, and for it to be replaced by a dominance of evidence based science.

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  1. Hi CE.
    The more documentaries that I see about how the worlds climate has changed many times over the millenia the more I find that I agree with your conclusions.
    Apparently this planet goes through this change every few thousand years and we are about due for another one so it all seems rather natural to me and very little to do with us making it happen.
    Just a great opportunity for the politicians to relieve us of our hard earned.


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