Not guilty in the Court of corruption

If you were in a Court charged with murder, facing a very serious sentence if you were found guilty, you’d want that trial to be conducted fairly.

You’d not be happy if the judge had already decided to instruct the jury that he didn’t like the look of your clothing and so they must find you guilty.  You’d not be happy if individual jurors decided to find you guilty because they didn’t like your haircut.

You’d want, you’d demand, you’d expect to be treated fairly and objectively. You’d expect all concerned in the decision making process to be completely impartial.  You’d want them to listen to the evidence presented, and to put aside their prejudices in order to weigh it all up and come to a verdict on whether you were guilty or not guilty.

Indeed, in some cases, especially in America, a juror can be ‘pre-empted’ and removed if he/she fails a test for bias during the selection process.

However, this impartiality is lacking in a process over which you have been found guilty, and are now facing the massive rises in fuel costs, and dramatic lowering of your living standards as part of your punishment for.  This despite you actually having done nothing wrong in the first place.

Most people have never heard of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  However, this is from where policies are originating that are changing your life.  You have been found guilty of emitting far too much carbon dioxide and so are being punished.

All this punishment is wrapped in a bizarre international system called ‘carbon taxation’, which is your ‘fine’ for daring to be a human being.  Despite only 0.04% of the atmosphere being carbon dioxide, it has been declared a current bogeyman.

Now, since 97% of carbon dioxide is being emitted by the rest of the species and ‘natural’ processes on the planet, we are only responsible for 3%.  However, that’s enough for the doom merchants and those with their agendas to be able to blame all 7 Million of us and find us guilty of crimes against, well, everything!

So, that means you are guilty of producing 3% of 0.04% of the gases in our atmosphere.  That’s why you are being punished.

The only problem is that if you (and I) have to submit to such a devastating punishment (and, trust me, it will be devastating once it has properly started to bite) because of the summary reports of the IPCC, you’d expect the organisation to be impartial, objective and squeaky clean.  However, it isn’t.

The main reports of the IPCC, known colloquially as the ‘Climate Bible‘, are supposed to be the definitive work on assessing the peer-reviewed scientific literature about the various ‘climate’ investigations and conclusions, and giving an objective global conclusion.  Except they aren’t.

When digging a little deeper, it seems that lead authors, not just contributors, or people asked to write tiny sections, but lead authors are from campaigning and advocacy organisations like the WWF and Greenpeace.  These are organisations full of people who hate humanity, and are pathologically dedicated to the religious belief that humanity has in some way ‘gone wrong’.  These are the people who want, who need, to blame all humanity for something, for anything, and for whom ‘Man-made Climate Change’ is the latest bogeyman that suits their needs.

If we stepped back to the murder charge and Court scenario we started with, this would be exactly the same as the judge or magistrate having a hatred of people with blue eyes, and always finding blue-eyed people guilty regardless of the actual evidence.

It is ridiculous that the IPCC functions this way, and its ‘Climate Bible’ has been exposed over the years as being full of untruths and speculation represented as scientifically backed facts.  Remember the lies about the Himalayas and how the glaciers were melting when they weren’t?  That was based on WWF scare propaganda that had been written into the ‘Climate Bible’ rather than scientific research.

Yes, it is that corrupt.

Most importantly it is dangerous.  Global policies are being decided on the whims of those with agendas rather than those with an ability to impartially weigh up the facts.

It is so corrupt that Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise has been able to compile all the findings about the IPCC into a book she’s just published called, “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken For The World’s Top Climate Expert“.  The title is reference to the outrageous fact that teenagers with no formal qualifications also wrote large sections of the ‘Climate Bible’.

Once you read through the facts about the IPCC you can’t help but stop and wonder at how all this could have happened without us realising.  As to why it’s happened?  Well, I guess one only has to follow the money and global power trail.  Who will gain from our fuel poverty?

Yep, apart from global power, there’s huge get-rich-quick opportunities from forcing people into fuel poverty.  Just look at the inconveniently increasing wealth of Al Gore!