Shrines to the alcohol that killed Amy Winehouse

You know those spontaneous shrines that pop up after somebody has died?

You see them quite often at the side of the road after somebody has been run over and killed.  People leave flowers, cards, candles, and sometimes small toys.

Well, here’s a question to ponder.  If the victim had been killed by being crushed under the wheel of a car, would it seem a little sick for people to come to the shrine and leave car wheels or tyres?

If they’d died by being shot at, wouldn’t it be a little strange to see lots of guns being left at the impromptu shrine?

A collection of knives at the shrine of a stabbing victim?  Rope if they were strangled?

If they’d drowned, would it be right to leave buckets of water there?

I’m sure we’d all fairly unanimously agree that leaving a reminder of the object that killed the person at the shrine, indeed, making it an essential part of it is not just a bit sick, it’s very sick.

It seems so cruel and insensitive.

So, shame on those wicked people who were supposed to be fans, yet carefully inappropriately left loads of bottles/cans/glasses of alcohol on a shrine to Amy Winehouse once they’d heard that she’d died?

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