The massive funding for the Climate Change lie

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Protecting reality is hard.  
Protecting open mindedness is hard.  
Fighting against the closed minds and the ‘man-made’ Climate Change religions takes a lot of effort and it’s mainly from the volunteers that openly publish the findings to their scientific investigations, or dare to challenge the might of the huge highly financed man-made Global Warming industry. 
The real ‘investigators’, the sceptics, will chew the fat in public debate and discussion, quite often in their own spare time, in order to understand the latest ‘revelations’ and ‘conclusions’ that are published by the man-made Climate Change religions that humanity is just expected to accept without allowing access to examine their data and how it has been processed, homogenised and flattened or rolled out in order to make it fit their latest scare story.
One of the constant word bombs that’s thrown at the Climate Change sceptics in an attempt to discredit their work is that they are funded by ‘big money’ and ‘oil money’ in order to generate disbelief in the man made Climate Change religion.
The reality is of course very different.  The huge money is in supporting the man-made Climate Change lie. There’s virtually none to be made from being openly sceptical or from ‘denying’ that man-made Climate Change is actually happening.
Recent attacks on sceptics have tried to show where their money and funding comes from.  The religions shouldn’t have bothered!   Brilliantly, this has been countered by Climate Change sceptic Joanne Nova who mapped it all here via the ‘map’ I reproduced above.
The bottom line is that it certainly pays to be part of the man-made Climate Change religion and Carbon trading industry.  It doesn’t pay to be openly sceptical.
On the matter of why the sceptical argument appears to be ‘winning’, two Professors of Sociology recently tried to explain it, and it is this that Joanne counters with:

1. The money and vested interests on the pro-scare side is vastly larger, more influential, and more powerful than that on the skeptical side. Fossil fuel and conservative-think-tanks are competing against most of the world financial houses, the nuclear and renewable energy industry, large well financed green activists (WWF revenue was $700m last year), not to mention whole government departments, major political parties, universities dependent on government funding, the BBC (there is no debate), the EU, and the entire UN. 

2. Despite this highly asymmetrical arrangement, the skeptics are winning simply because they’re more convincing — they have the evidence. The other team avoid debate, try to shut down discussion (only their experts count), they imply the audience is too stupid to judge for themselves, and then call everyone who disagrees rude names. The dumb punters are figuring them out. Vale free speech.

Here’s to more of us ‘dumb punters’ realising how they are being conned.

Please read more at – a site well worth spending some time looking through.