We have to stop the mental illness of religion

At the time of composing this, the full horror of what happened in the centre of Oslo and the tiny island of Utoeya is still unfolding.

So much death within so much beauty

However, speaking in general terms, I suspect that this will bring Norway into the modern world of fear.

Beautifully, Norway has always managed to be the country nobody notices on the world stage, not a backwater, but invisible to the perpetrators of mass murder and large scale evil.  There has traditionally been no real need for the level of high security we are used to in Britain or America.  Politicians and those in high profile positions lived in relative comfort and free from fear.  Things like this just didn’t happen in Norway.

Sadly, very sadly, Norway has now joined the rest of the world that is violent and dominated by evil people controlled by their mental illnesses called religion.

It’s early days, but speculation is that the gunman/bomber was working alone and had had enough.  He is from the far right, a Christian fundamentalist, and it appears that his problem was with the other far right movement, Islam.

The Islamic movement which is functioning to spread the Islamification of Europe and the world through targeted immigration, is of course a rival mental illness to the Christian mental illness.  However, it cleverly doesn’t start off by engaging in direct conflict.  It works instead by relying on the ‘liberal left’ to naively be its ‘friend’, as is the case in the UK.  The liberal left is dominated by the tree-hugging ‘thought police’ and those who spout political correctness, are unable to see ‘bigger pictures’, and refuse to take any position against the rapid change of society towards one dominated by the Islam virus.  The liberal left stupidly believe that multiculturalism works, and so unwittingly it will assist Islam bring an otherwise peaceful country to its knees.

This has been the cancer that’s happening in Norway building up fear and tension.  Within the next ten years a tipping point will have been reached, with the Islamification of Norway reaching a point of no return as the mental illness is inflicted upon everybody there as part of their new way of life, even if they are not suffering from the religion itself directly.

The ruling Labour party in Norway have been taking action and inaction that has escalated this process in recent times, so I guess the outgoing mental illness of Christianity sees them as to blame, as indeed they are, for the conquest by Islam.

I can only speculate that this is why in the mind of the gunman/bomber, he had to do what he did.  His first line of enemy were the liberal left allowing the advancement of the Islam virus.

To me, and to those on the outside of the mental illness of religion, it is proof once again that what is needed is a new freedom within each country, a freedom from religion, with help given to those who are inflicted with the mental illness of any religion.

Had this man not had the religious mental illness of Christianity, then maybe he would not have gone on his killing spree.

To stop this in the future, and maybe even stop the handing of control to Islam, Norway needs to introduce radical new laws that specify that teaching a child a specific religion, any religion, is child abuse.  Those who in later life decide to knowingly pick and follow a religion should have to regularly attend police stations and sign a register.

We have to stamp out the religion virus before it kills even more.