The doctors who wanted to kill us

It’s Flashback Friday.  Every Friday we bring back a golden oldie article from yesteryear. A chance for you to re-read it and see if it is still relevant today! Back to when Glasgow Airport was attacked by suicide bombers driving a Jeep into the doors. The bombers were fully qualified doctors, practising in the UK:

Aren’t Doctors supposed to have this passion for life? Other people’s life. Aren’t they supposed to take the Hippocratic Oath which binds them to great ethical rules regarding humans and their well-being?

Oh, how our vision was shattered to realise that people who should have been there for us, people we would probably turn to in times of dire need, looking for comfort about ourselves or our nearest and dearest, hoping for help and guidance from, so wickedly betrayed us.

The people who so wanted to spread their evil interpretation of the word of Islam by indiscriminately killing and maiming as they blew themselves and their cars up in London or Glasgow, were Doctors.

How can such a radical difference in philosophies sit comfortably in their minds? How twisted and evil can intelligent and educated humans become?

I suppose we can give thanks to Allah that their plans failed. Will they get Allah’s message that what they intended was wrong and that’s why it failed?

However, more importantly, we maybe now have to think the unthinkable about these ‘doctors’, or maybe other ‘doctors’ with similar philosophies who remain as ‘sleepers’ until the next round of death squads are activated for a public campaign against the innocent.

Put bluntly, as doctors, how many people have they already deliberately killed? Would they have let live anybody sharing the same faith, to the detriment of those from other faiths? Would they, as doctors, have taken positive action to kill non-Muslims? To kill non-radical-Muslims?

Is anybody going to mount an investigation into their track records whilst working for the NHS? Look how many people Harold Shipman deliberately sentenced to death as a doctor before he was finally caught. Look at how long it took to discover his serial habit. He was even killing people whilst first under investigation. Hundreds of them.

Logically, people who believe it is right to blow up cars in the hope to kill as many people as possible, could not possibly have properly carried out their duties of care toward sick and hurt human beings. The two concepts are so mutually exclusive. So, how many have they already killed from behind their facades as medical professionals? Is it being hushed up or are we just too stupid to realise what they’ve already done?