Let’s execute those who won’t complete the Census

Later this week, selected neighbours will be knocking on the doors of people living nearby who have not yet returned their Census forms, gently asking them to please do so.

A lot of folk will have genuinely forgotten, but most probably “couldn’t be arsed”.  These folk will comply as soon as they get this niggling reminder.  But there will be a tiny percentage, the completely paranoid ones (usually paranoid because of their lifetime of drink and drug abuse), who will be making the conscious decision to not complete and return their Census forms.  They will claim their refusal is some form of protest against and punishment for ‘the man’ for daring to collect information about anybody.

These paranoid people need there to be no information to be collated about population trends in their area as they want to be able to moan about the state of the housing stock or schooling and educational facilities, or even the lack of the sensible siting of amenities.  The census held every ten years helps all this, of course, and were the facilities and funding for a local area to be ‘right’ because of the data, then the paranoid ones would have nothing to moan about, so it is in their interests to avoid filling in the form in order to be able to carry on moaning.

There is of course a margin of error with any survey or census, and the paranoid ones will use this as their justification of such claims as “illegals” won’t be filling it in, etc.  They feel a need to be able to say, “He’s not doing it so why should I? Nurr. Nurr!”  They will, however, mainly get away with their resistance to filling in the Census as, very sadly, only a handful are ever actually prosecuted, facing the £1,000 fine.

Was ‘the man’ as bad as the paranoid ones like to make out, then following their refusal to the friendly neighbour who’s employed for a few weeks’ pin-money to trudge round knocking on doors trying to collect forms, then they would get a visit from a Census Swat team, hauled off to prison and held without food and water or sleep until they filled it in.  Heh.  That’d make ’em really paranoid if that was a real possibility.

These paranoid ones are usually the same self-centred selfish parasites who think it is right to drive drunk, uninsured, or whilst banned, not caring about the potential to kill innocent road users, or they keep attack dogs, not caring that they drop their shit all over the pavements, or attack and kill young children.  They care not about keeping their neighbours awake with loud music and anti-social behaviour.

Instead of admitting that they are selfish and arrogant parasites, they will say they are exercising their freedom of choice.  Yep, well a lot of people want to exercise their choice not to have dog shit all over their kids’ shoes and legs when they walk down the pavement, nor to have to undergo surgery following the dog bite, nor to attend the funeral of a loved one the selfish paranoid parasites have killed.  Not to mention that most people need proper sleep in order to be able to concentrate at work the next day.  Usually the paranoid parasites don’t work, of course.  They are far too important for that.  They much prefer to get their tax paying neighbours to fund their lifestyle via their generous handouts from “the Social”.

So, maybe the bottom line solution with regard to the Census is that those who ‘refuse’ to complete it should be rounded up and put to death.  They are obviously wasters, selfish and don’t want to be part of our society.  Let’s rid ourselves of them and use the money we’ll save to help the pensioners and vulnerable people who actually need it.

Identifying the wasters we don’t want in our society and then cutting them out of our society like we cut away cancer, now that’s certainly worth having the Census for!


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