McBeeping McFucking McDonald’s

What the fuck is it with McDonald’s?

Bleep bleep bleep.

All the bleeping time.

It’s bad enough that some of their ‘restaurants’ have the ‘tone’of the in-store music so shrill it’s distorted and deafening instead of being properly ‘background’ or ‘wallpaper’, but in addition there are bloody alarms constantly going off.

The alarms appear to be connected to fryers or other cooking devices obviously letting the staff know that this food or that food is now ready.

However, with an alarm attached to every single cooking device, and most of the staff not bothering to reset them, every 30 seconds yet another alarm is bleeping away for 5 or 6 minutes before being silenced.

Often three or four alarms are overlapping each other and going at the same time.


When trying to give the server an order a customer has to shout over the top of the distorted music and the server competes with the bleeps trying to be heard in return.

What McMental McFucker designed this concept?

It must be at its worst in one of the planet’s slowest and most dis-organised McDonald’s ever – on the East Lancashire Road (the A580) next to the Travelodge on the approach to Liverpool.

Bleep bloody bleep bloody bleep as you wait for 30 minutes for your ‘fast food’ order!

Shut the McFuck up!