The Catholic obsession with sex

The Catholic Church specifically, but I assume elements of most Christian religions, has a somewhat unhealthy interest in sex.

Their obsessions stop short of the genital mutilation demanded by the other barbaric Middle Eastern religions, but definitely includes the first natural sex act, masturbation.  They hate masturbation, and also seem to think that women don’t do it too!

“Gimmie more yummy boys”

But what’s it got to do with them in the first place?  Isn’t it a bit strange to make rules about a natural function within most primates and humans?  As a child develops and grows, unless they are being abused by the Catholic Priest directly, their first connection with sexuality and part of the process of preparing for sex later in their life is to discover masturbation.  Yet, the Catholic sex police teach that this is wrong!  I ask again, what’s it got to do with them?

Next, the Catholics place rules on when and how a person is allowed to actually have sex.  For reasons that have no logical basis, they decree that sex before marriage is wrong.  Again, why the obsession with when people choose to have sex?  It’s very bizarre and surely unhealthy to have such a voyeuristic pre-occupation with other people’s private business.
Yet, the Catholics demand that the first sexual encounter outside of abuse by a Priest should only take place after marriage.  They are also the religion that says that marriage is for life, and only a death can release you from the monster you have married.  
In order to have sex without being damned to hell, a person has to get married.  Oh, and of course, since marriage is for life, people are not allowed to upgrade their partners at any stage (except by killing them), even if its by mutual consent. That means that so many people discovering they are sexually incompatible on their Wedding night then suffer the living hell of spending the next 50 years with the wrong person, feeling completely frustrated and suicidal.  Not that they can actually commit suicide, of course, the wicked Catholic church say it’s a sin and much prefer a person to be subjected to a life of living hell.
If a married person looking to deal with their natural frustration turns to another (or even masturbation) for sexual relief, the Catholic church decrees they’re committing yet another sin, even if both partners (too scared to divorce or kill each other) have mutually agreed this is ok.  
Of course, even if a marriage has passed the Wedding Night test and sex is, at least for a while, ok, the couple are not allowed to have recreational sex.  Apart from different positions beyond the ‘Missionary position’ being unacceptable to the Catholic ‘sexperts’, sex which doesn’t lead to pregnancy is not allowed.  Certainly the use of any form of contraception is a sin, with the daily taking of the pill a far greater sin than having an abortion (One is a daily sin, the other is a once in a while sin, so less bad).  As for the idea that a couple may want to ‘swing’ or involve others in sexual activity, well they are fast-tracked to hell for that!
So, even a married couple have the Catholic thought police sniffing around interfering in their sex life.  How can this be acceptable and why the obsession?  
Surely if I was as obsessed with your sex life as the Catholics are, I’d be locked up as some kind of pervert or voyeur.
I’m not gay, so I don’t understand what being gay is like beyond assuming it’s like being straight but with somebody of the same sex, which as an outsider seems fine to me.  In this context too, I don’t appreciate gay sex, but assume it’s like straight sex but between two people of the same sex, which again as an outsider seems fine to me.  Gay or straight, as long as all parties involved in the sex act are happy and consenting, then that seems fine to me too.  It’s none of my business.
However, the Catholics hate gay sex with a passion, unless it is between a Priest and an unconsenting minor of course.  If two men or two women come forward and say they are sharing love and wish to consummate this feeling with sex, what’s it got to do with anybody else?  The Catholic church will of course tell them that what they are doing or want to do is evil and they are going to hell unless they don’t give in to their ‘unnatural’ urges.
Yet, when a Priest gives in to his ‘unnatural’ urges and continually rapes young children the Catholic thought police have a far more muted response to what some could argue is so widespread that it even looks to be one of the perks of the job.  True, not all Priests have sex with children, but a frighteningly significant number appear to.  
To the Catholic thought police the gay sex act between a Priest and a minor is ‘unfortunate’ or ‘regretable’ these days, whilst for thousands of years until only a few decades ago it was something the Catholic hierarchy would force children to never tell, and no action would ever be taken against the rapist Priests beyond telling them that they should be a bit more careful and try to control their ‘inappropriate’ behaviour.
That’s all a weird one, isn’t it?  Loads of rules that apply to ordinary folk about how they must conduct their sex lives, with damnation for any deviation, and yet quite obviously no damnation for the rapist Priests.

Why would anybody want to be part of this awful and evil religion that appears at every opportunity to be obsessed with sex?  How does controlling and structuring other people’s sex lives have any function beyond being some form of perversion originally dreamt up by old men in silly dresses who wanted to masturbate whilst thinking about people being left sexually frustrated by their obscure rules?


  1. The last time I looked at the Codex Juris Canonici, the Code of Canon Law, of the Roman Catholic Church, I read that not only are masturbation, lustful thoughts, and sex outside of marriage wrong and sinful, but it is also a sin for semen to be deposited anywhere except in the vagina of the man's lawfully (i.e., married in the catholic church) wedded wife. No anal, oral, or manual ejaculations allowed, even with your own wife!


  2. What's wrong with that?

    Seriously, it's wonderful to be reading a discussion board where postings include openings like “The last time I looked at the Codex Juris Canonici, the Code of Canon Law…”

    One thing I will say though. It was through a mildly religious upbringing (C of E) that my own attitude towards issues such as promiscuity was shaped. My partner (who shares similar views) and I were fortunate enough to find each other fairly early in life. We enjoy each other's company in every way – a lot – and we never cheat on each other. I know you may well doubt me, but I can say that with 100% confidence. I believe that as a direct result of this, we're still together – and happy. However, all the people we knew when we were first going out who had partners back then have since split. Of these, at least one of the factors in the break-up has been infidelity of some kind. I'm not saying that there aren't people for whom some kind of “open relationship” system can work in the long term. It's just that in my own circle of friends, I'm more aware of people who are sad, lonely and single.


  3. In the ancient church, (and even in the Eastern Orthodox Church today) Christians celebrated their name days (the feast days of saints that they were named after) instead of their birthdays, because the latter were “reminders of parental lust”. Sex was for procreation only, not pleasure. When a couple decided not to have additional children, they theoretically stopped having sex, When the children left the home, the couple lived as brother and sister, or entered religious houses. When sitting, ankles could be crossed, but not legs, for by doing so, a “cross” was formed with the “vile, lower parts”. Clearly, Christianity has had a problem with human sexuality since day one, even withing the context of marriage, and the catholic Church today isn't alone in this.

    It's one thing to make moral pronouncements on rape, incest, etc., but to do so regarding acts engaged in by consenting adults is ludicrous. It pits spirit against flesh (both from God) and splits the human psyche in damaging ways.


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