Urban regeneration? No! These need termination.

Hmmm. That looks very dangerous, somebody could fall into that and break their legs, I mused as I passed an open hole from which the large metal grating of a roadside drain had been prised. A few steps further on I discovered what it had been used for as the bullet-proof reinforced heavy glass front of a cash machine had showered the street with flakes of itself as it had been subjected to a repeated pounding. A bit further on they had systematically smashed the windows of parked cars. All of this no doubt a bit of a laugh on a Friday afternoon on leaving school.
The bit I don’t understand is why these kids are allowed to terrorise and vandalise the neighbourhood without a thing being done to stop them. Locals live in fear of being turned on and having their homes and property repeatedly targeted if they dare challenge or speak out. Even if they do say something, nothing happens and the police seem powerless.
This, for the 2010s, is how 10 year olds control and terrorise their community in Breckfield, Liverpool.