What is the secret beneath Liverpool?

What secret lurks beneath Liverpool?  What power nestles below?  What has been built there that the normal people are not allowed to see?

There is obviously a much larger conspiracy to hide something from the citizens of Liverpool and the great British public at large, but there must be a tiny local elite that do know about it but won’t say anything.

It’s time we knew the truth.  What’s beneath us could pose a danger to us.  We need to know.

To try to understand a few things we have to first step back 200 years to the early 1800s.  A retired but extremely wealthy local man had teams of workers constantly building tunnels under Liverpool.  Dozens of tunnels, we are told, but it was maybe hundreds.  Known today as the Williamson Tunnels, nobody knows why Joseph Williamson set about having them built.  Indeed, there are various rumours and thoughts, but nobody actually offers a truly rational explanation.  A very tiny few of the tunnels are open to the those who wish to pay to investigate, with many more known about but carefully kept closed to the public gaze.  It is said that there are others that are classified as ‘lost’.  But are they?

In more recent times two much larger tunnels, the more modern Kingsway and the older Queensway, were built to carry traffic under the River Mersey.

Inexplicably and somewhat illogically the tunnels are less than a mile from each other.  Logic says that if there really was a need for two tunnels under the river connecting Liverpool to the other side of the Mersey, then they should have been placed much further apart.  They weren’t.  They were deliberately built almost next to each other.

Most locals’ attention to what’s really going on is not drawn to the tunnels because they are so close to each other.  This means that when one tunnel is mysteriously closed, it’s no big bother to drive to the other.  Obviously had the tunnels been more properly situated much further apart, this would have been far more annoying and caused more interest and questions when one or the other is regularly closed to the public, especially at night.  Indeed, the tunnels, especially the Kingsway, are closed far more often than tunnels elsewhere in the country.

Yet, whilst they are closed, locals complain of the fact that their closure will usually proceed a lot of vehicular activity either going into or coming out of the tunnel.  Strange tinted windowed unmarked cars, vans and sometimes huge lorries will speed in or out despite the signs flashing that the tunnel is closed and advising to use the other.

It has been suggested that at approximately a mile in, parts of the tunnel walls are actually false, hiding spur roads deep underground. When the tunnels are officially closed, these unidentified vehicles are using these underground spur roads towards a destination that is still unclear.  Regular users have noted that at certain points, tyre marks appear to veer off the road and head into the wall.  These are most probably the points where the spur roads are and the wall is false, being drawn back out of the way for use when the public are not able to see what’s really going on.

Similar oddities can be seen by rail travellers once in the rail tunnel under the Mersey.  Careful observers looking out of the windows into the darkness will see additional points and spur lines apparently leading nowhere.  But are they truly leading nowhere?  Why would spur lines be needed inside a tunnel?

There are reasons why this was one of the first electrified railway tunnels in the country.  It’s because of the huge amount of extra trains that run through the night after the railway is closed to the public.

In the early 2000s questions were asked about the building work that appeared to be going on inside the Queensway Tunnel.  Some bright members of the public had observed the vehicles coming and going during the periods when the tunnel was supposed to be closed.  A cover story about how they were constructing seven large refuges within the tunnel was issued and temporarily satisfied and silenced the curious.

However, the evidence is unequivocal that something much much bigger and top secret is going on.  It’s something the public are not part of.  Something known about by only the elite and maybe the higher parts of inner Government or the military.

What is the secret beneath Liverpool?  It’s time we were told the truth.