Where do all the people go?

The unusual thing of two little 10 year old girls from Soham disappearing at the same time rocketed the ‘missing persons’ thing into the public eye. Sadly, the end result was exactly what we feared. It was awful. Absolutely awful.

But, it did make me think about people who go missing. Of the ones that are reported, these hit a figure of around 150,000 each year disappear in the UK that are never found. 150,000? And that’s only the reported ones. Add on to that the ones that aren’t reported because there’s nobody who cares, and the figure is probably a lot greater.

If we had 150,000 people dying each year from a preventable disease, or being shot or stabbed to death, the country would be up in arms demanding something be done and done quickly.

How can 150,000 people just vanish? Is it really that possible to so easily dispose of a body that it never gets found? Do they get taken out of the country as slaves? Can so many people fall into things by accident and never be found?

I mean, in the UK alone, we are talking about 40 people each day and every day just disappearing forever. Think about it. 40 people.

I mean, if we were a flock of sheep and our number was being systematically reduced as selected members of our flock were being plucked up, killed and prepared for food, leaving no trace for the rest of us to see, it would make some vague kind of sense.

40 people a day in the UK alone. What are we feeding? Some strange inter-dimensional species that we can’t see or perceive? The slave trade? Sex fiends? Murder fetishists?

I don’t get it.