Whilst watching the somewhat predictable and highly obvious plotline gore filled slasher-fest film Severance at an Iford, Essex (basically an East Londonish area) cinema, I was left confused about how I should react. Not to the film, but to about 4 or 5 gentlemen sitting some rows behind me.

They’d been talking through most of the film, which is the modern way, and included taking and making phone calls, but weren’t bothering me that much.

However, there’s a sequence in the film where what remains of the goodies are being stalked by a mass of the badies. One of the goodies picks up a missile launcher, hoping, as we the audience were also hoping, to fire the missile straight into the crowd of baddies destroying the lot. Sure enough the missile initially heads for the baddies, but then it veers away and climbs rapidly into the sky and right on up until it blows up a large passenger jet, one assumes, killing hundreds of people. Black humour I think it’s called.

Anyway, this greatly amused the gentlemen some rows behind me, who almost wet themselves with excitement and started cheering on seeing a missile capable of ding such I thing. The conversation in Pashto roughly translated into “We’ve just got to get hold of one of those.” “That would be so brilliant, man.”

So then. Should I be worried that 4 or 5 Pakistani-originating East London based gentlemen are excited by a device that blows planes up and want to get hold of one? Am I over-reacting or is it a sad sign of the times that young Asian gentlemen think blowing up planes is a good thing?