Toby or not Toby, that is the Carvery

You’ve heard of ‘paying it forward’ right? That’s the simple act of doing something nice for somebody else, especially if they could really do with a little unexpected something to lift their spirits.

I believe we should ‘pay forward’. Especially so when it takes a very little effort, but makes a big difference to the recipient. It is also important not to brag about paying forward. There’s nothing worse than somebody saying, “Hey look at me and all I do for chariddy”.

Sick in my mouth!

Paying forward is a personal thing. It is not a bragging right. Okay?


I just discovered a brilliant paying forward device. It’s the Toby Carvery app.

tobyappYes, the Toby Carvery app. An app specifically for those eating in a Toby Carvery restaurant/pub.

Using the Toby Carvery app, you can select any table and pay the bill. Yes, any table. Any bill. Plus you can specify the tip for the waiting staff.

If you are unaware of a Toby Carvery, it’s a place where nice people are out-numbered by fat people. Fat people with out of control screaming children.

The centrepiece of a Toby Carvery is a man with a tall white hat who cuts slithers of meat and puts them on a plate. Then it’s help yourself to the large selection of vegetables. It is important to overfill the plate with these so that items are being shed and trampled into the carpet at every opportunity on route back to the table.

Being cheap, yet fair quality, Toby Carveries attract scum. You know, benefit cheats who come to spend our money on a meal despite having no clue how to behave in public. Those. The ones who have pumped out children in order to get a house, but have no interest in parenting the child. Those. The fat people.

Toby Carveries also attract old folk wanting a cheap afternoon out. Their dining experience is usually spoiled by the scum and their screaming children running up and down between the tables.

So, back to paying forward using the Toby Carvery app.

Howzabout paying the bills of those customers stressed out by the scum infesting the place? That timid old couple with many years of love and devotion who can barely afford the meal as a special treat. Their ‘date’ has been ruined by the scum. They and all the other quiet and polite customers, poor things, get their bills paid. The scum being left out. Perfect.

Yeah, using the app to anonymously pay all their bill, give a huge tip to the waiting staff, and type in a message to him/her thanking them for tolerating the obviously rude and unwelcome hard to serve scum.

Now, that’s paying forward, that is.