Will Liverpool boycott Corbyn?

As is oft mentioned here, the bullies of Liverpool don’t allow The Sun newspaper to be sold in the area. This is given much publicity by the local paper, which is, you guessed it, owned by the Mirror Group. Over the decades newsagents daring to stock The Sun have ‘caught fire’, and people daring to carry it have been shouted at and abused.

…Hang on a second….

Yeah, that’s right, anybody in very Labour voting Liverpool caught carrying The Sun is instantly hounded in a way that would make the picket lines of the 1970s and 1980s seem lame.

Yet, at exactly the same time, Jeremy Corbyn is the unconditional hero of the locals.  Corbynistas are centred in Liverpool. Corbyn is their god. He can do no wrong.

But wait.


So, not only was he lying to the privileged Millennials about them not having to pay back their tuition fees, but also he goes against the wishes of his core supporters who hate The Sun. Corbyn reads The Sun.

What will the Scouse Corbynistas do now?

I think we should be told.