A night on the tiles

Night on the Tiles image 2

This impressive floor, well, not just the floor, the whole room really, is inside Liverpool‘s St George’s Hall.

To be honest, I think the tiles show up more impressively in photos than in real life.  As in, when you are there things don’t seem as vivid as they look on a photo.  Or maybe it’s that you kinda get more in to a photo in one go.

But, don’t they look striking…

Night on the Tiles image 3

This is one of the finest examples of an encaustic (hot wax style) Minton Tiled flooring in the UK. It’s a handcrafted mosaic of over 30,000 tiles depicting the Liver Birds, the Roman god Neptune, sea nymphs, dolphins and tridents. It was actually the largest Minton pavement in the world when it was first constructed.

Under normal circumstances the floor tiles are covered to preserve and protect them, allowing the hall to be used for many different functions. In April 2017 they will be removing the covers, buffing up the tiles and holding an event they’ve entitled Night on the Tiles because that’s exactly what it will be.  For about a week the public will be able to buy tickets to spend up to 3 hours a night examining and marvelling at the spectacular work.

Might see you there!

Night on the Tiles image 1