Something strange in the countryside

SCARECROWSAll seemed ok until the satnav stopped working. And there was strangely no signal for any of our phones. We were lost. Definitely lost.

We were driving along winding lanes, unable to see through the trees and hedgerows. No landmarks, no idea which side the sun was at.

We drove along and kept passing the same things, the same places.

It was time to ask a local for help.  We drew up close to some people who were watching what looked like a Punch and Judy show.

They didn’t respond to the “Excuse me?”.  In fact, they didn’t respond to anything.  On closer examination they didn’t seem normal.  They were very unusual people indeed.

Not quite people. Here we were in the middle of the country. Deep in the country. Alone with these ‘locals’.

Heck, they looked like scarecrows. They were scarecrows. We were scared. Very scared.

We jumped back in the car and sped off. In the rear view mirror I noticed the head and realised that a scarecrow had gotten itself into the back seat.

We all screamed.

But it was ok. The scarecrow was only there to guide us home.  He lives with us now.