OMG, it’s mental radio anorak day … again!

I’m an anorak’s wet dream, I am


Spare me.  It’s August the 14th.

Noooooooooo.  Back in 1967 this was the day that all the pop pirate radioships fell silent (except those operated under the callsign “Radio Caroline”).

Sigh. Very old radio enthusiasts (anoraks) celebrate or mark this day every year as if it was the day of the passing of something or someone important.

Yet, it was only radio.

Bad radio at that!

It was radio that was very easily forgotten and not missed by anybody but the lonely young spotty youths of the day with no life and no friends.  They’re the very old and fat balding ones wearing black armbands today.

Pretty soon, back in 1967, the ordinary folk were completely happy with whatever a mixture of the BBC and Radio Luxembourg were able to bring them.  Alas, a couple of hundred ‘anoraks’ were left behind and to this day mourn the passing of these ships that did nothing but steal copyright and put marine workers in peril from their jamming of distress frequencies.

These old aged pensioners, well the ones that are still alive, spend this day sitting with their old fashioned reel-to-reel tape recorders and playback recordings they made nearly 50 years ago as they all but re-enact Krapp’s Last Tape.

Very sad or what?