Being gay just ain’t logical

Homosexuality doesn’t make any logical sense.  In contrast, heterosexuality makes a lot of sense.

I mean, without heterosexuals we would just die out wouldn’t we? I mean, you need a man and a woman in order to start the reproduction process.  Without reproduction there’d be no Christopher England to write this, and no you to read it.

So, heterosexuality makes sense.  It is, I suppose, some kind of ‘norm’.

Hang on a sec. So is homosexuality. To those who are homosexual, who and what they are is ‘normal’ to them in exactly the same way that heterosexuality is normal to, well, heterosexuals.

This ‘normality’ is hard for heterosexuals to understand or appreciate.  Bizarrely, some heterosexuals think homosexuality is a ‘choice’, a lifestyle choice.  If homosexuality is a ‘choice’, then that logically means that ‘sexuality’ is a choice.  It means that at some point in their life heterosexuals chose to be heterosexual.

I’m heterosexual.  Well, I guess I am, since I have never had a relationship that I could describe as love, sexual or an attraction to a male using any of the feelings that I regularly get when females of my species go by.

But I cannot remember choosing my sexual orientation.

Thus, I conclude that sexuality is not a ‘choice’.  If it is a choice, as the homosexual haters argue, then I’d be interested to know when and why they ‘chose’ their heterosexuality over their homosexuality, and why I never sat down with myself and picked the sex of the people I would spend my life lusting after, loving and needing.

Maybe the more anti and more shouty the homophobes are indicates how hard they are oppressing their natural normality which is not heterosexual.  Maybe they feel a need to over-compensate for something they have been trained by other bigots to believe is ‘wrong’. Who knows.

But, regardless of when and why they chose to be heterosexual, why do they care so much about people they don’t know who are not heterosexual?

Heck, surely if all parties involved are aware, able and doing what they are doing because it feels natural and is normal to them and nobody is being hurt, tricked, or coerced what the heck has it to do with anybody else?

I mean, the idea of a man loving and having sex with a woman must seem pretty odd to some others.  It certainly confuses my neutered cat.  But he just wanders off and finds something else to do with his life for a little while rather than voicing disapproval and trying to interfere.

Why can’t the sexuality bigots be more cat?