We need more nuclear power

It is of course a paid-for pet hatred of the Greenies, especially the ‘watermelon‘ ones (green on the outside, red on the inside), but, in truth, nuclear power is a good and wonderful thing.  Yes it is.

Apart from huge money being handed to the motivators behind the moaners that protest against shale gas, there is a legacy of subjects that the Greenies hate.  Nuclear power has always been in their sights as the electricity of the Devil.  That dates back to the days of complete ignorance among the sheeple, when they were far more easily led.

Many decades ago when the easily led were terrified of nuclear power and in some odd way confused it with nuclear bombs, I recall having a conversation with one fool about how nuclear power actually worked.  He thought it did some unspeakable weird thing from a bomb being set off and somehow creating electricity, dangerous electricity that would give us cancer if we used it.  Yep, he hadn’t got a clue.  Yet, cluelessly, he hated it.  Not because he understood it and wasn’t happy with it, but because he had been told to hate it by his Greenie religion.

I carefully explained that all parts of the electricity generation was identical to electricity generation using coal or gas.  It was all about the steam driving the turbines, and heating the water to generate steam.  Just like in the moving gif above.  But, you know what?  He wouldn’t believe me.  He thought I was making it up.

Today’s Greenies are still terrified of nuclear power, despite it actually being one of the most efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly methods of power generation.  That’s what’s so bizarre about their religion.

We need more nuclear power generation, especially of the ilk of Thorium.  Yum!  We need it as a primary power source, and we need to forget about the ghastly and inefficient wind farms, and we need it now.