Books are just so pointless and cruel

Surely it’s time to move into an era which stops deliberately using up Mother Earth’s precious resources. Yet, with considerable malice and forethought there’s an element of our society that cruely and constantly supports the printing of more and more books.

Books are the remnants of humanity’s cruel and unforgivable past, when we used to carelessly cull and hurt our environment without a second thought.

Indeed, there are cathedrals of worship to these outdated and irrelevant blocks of tree murder and pointless planet changing evil with the innocent sounding names like ‘library’ to attempt to legitimise them.

From a very early age our children are being desensitised to the slaughter of life and destruction of the environment that each book represents. This indoctrination stays with them for life. Only a few later in life will reject books.

The evidence shows that the more supposedly intelligent and learned the individual, the more they will support the wanton destruction that books represent. Not only are they lovers of books but they usually enjoy the propagation of environmental destruction that the larger newspapers such as the Guardian and other left-leaning broadsheets represent.

It is strange, but not a surprise, that the more the print media supports socialism the more it also  does its best to destroy our precious environment, isn’t it? But, that’s what these people are like, isn’t it?

Book lovers are pure evil.

When, sensibly, we try to rid ourselves of the mausoleums of murder known as ‘libraries’, it is the indoctrinated that come to protest and protect these halls of catalogued carcases from the rightful axing that a modern world should be giving them.

The most useful thing we could do with books is to convert them into fuel to help generate energy to keep modern technology going.

It’s time to say, “Books? Not in my name!