The meeja’s gonna getcha, Nigel

I’m not overly fond of smokers and drinkers. Smokers, as we all know, cannot be trusted, and are usually the smug self-centred sorts who are actually quite annoying. Drinkers, as we all know, cannot be trusted, and are usually the smug self-centred sorts who are actually quite annoying.

Yep, a smoker and drinker is to be avoided, and certainly deserves to be kicked out of my bed. Well, actually, they should be tasered rather than actually allowed near me in the first place.

In this respect, it is fair to say that I am not sexually attracted to Nigel Farage, and whatever his overtures might be, we could never have an intimate relationship (Sorry, Nigel).

Indeed, a platonic friendship might be stretching things. Farage says stuff and then immediately laughs. People who laugh immediately after they’ve said something aggravate me.

I’m sure there are a number of other things about Nigel Farage that would force me to keep him at arms length were he to try to befriend me on a personal basis.

However, I can’t help but admire the Farage effect. It’s not unlike the Boris effect that keeps the bumbling Mayor of London affectionately in the minds of the electorate, and in both cases it’s made of extremely slippery Teflon. Nothing sticks. Nothing.

Over the coming weeks the ‘meeja‘ will do the best they can to defame and attack our Nigel. Not his policies, of course, but him personally. They will ferret through his closets and his dustbins. They want to stop him. If they can’t get him directly, they’ll do what they can to get other members of UKIP.

You watch and you witness!

There are people that Farage’s popularity doesn’t suit. They hate it. They will use the ‘media’ they control, including the good old BBC news crew, to get Nigel or his party.

Most of what the “news media” do over the next few weeks will just slide off and won’t stick to Nigel, but some of it will. And of course, as I said, it really won’t be anything to do with UKIP policy. It will all be designed to make him unattractive as a person, unattractive as a leader, unattractive as somebody to vote for. Sewing doubt about the messenger rather than the message is what the media are really good at.

When the media go after somebody it’s always personal and never addressing their policies.

You watch. You’ll see I’m right.