Suzy needs help with shaving

Imagine if you had not just a headache, but an extremely painful migraine headache over which you had absolutely no control. That’s the kind of headache that can completely disable you. It affects your balance, your vision, your ability to do anything beyond needing to sit in the dark and the quiet until it decides to go away. It’s a migraine headache that makes you faint, feel dizzy or nauseous, and it has you at its mercy. It’s a migraine headache that locks you away from the world and leaves you, when it finally passes, with a lingering weakness and tiredness along with echoes of the pain of the entire event. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

Imagine all of the above, but it happening to you for two out of every three days.

Imagine all of the above, but suffering non-stop you since you were 11 years old. That’s two out of every three days, all of your life. Yes, all of your life.

Can you imagine suffering like that? I can’t.

Well, please let me introduce you to somebody who has struggled to live a normal life since she was 11. Her name is Suzy.

Suzy needs your help.

You see, over the long years since she was first diagnosed, Suzy has received help from a charity called Migraine Action. These are the people who try to research into migraines and to support those afflicted with them as well as their families. Suzy would like to give something back to this often forgotten charity. Let’s face it, there are so many charities in need of funding and Migraine Action tends to be forgotten as we try to help the like of those fighting cancer and the more well known issues.

So, not only is Suzy a sufferer of this terrible affliction, but she wants to raise funds to help other sufferers and also raise awareness.

Strangely, Suzy has decided to do not one thing but two.

Firstly, there’s the 5K walk on Saturday March 29th. Suzy will be walking from Seacombe to New Brighton on the Wirral (a strange land opposite the truly beautiful city of Liverpool). Normally Suzy needs a cane to help her get about. She won’t use it on Saturday. She’ll try and make it without it, which is an ordeal in itself for which she should be applauded.

Secondly, on her 52nd birthday, which is on Easter Monday, she’s having her head shaved. Eeeeek. Yes, her head shaved. You can see in the picture that Suzy has quite healthy curly locks. Well, she will have them completely shaved off on April 21st.

She’s doing these things to try to raise money for Migraine Action. I think she’s very brave.

So then, here’s my little request. Please would you help by sponsoring her? Just a fiver would do. More if you can afford it. You can sign-up online, it’s dead easy.

Migraines are often misunderstood by those who don’t suffer and have no real idea how this brain condition is completely destroying the quality of life of over eight million people in the UK. Please help with whatever you can afford.

Please visit: