Our street lights are going out

So, I’m not against LED based lighting. Nearly every light in my home is now LED, and we even have strips of LEDs carefully stuck to places in order to give discreet light that we can change the colour of by remote control. (Now, there’s a novelty that wore thin after some days!)

Get the right kind of LED mains lighting and they are cheaper to run and far kinder to the eyes than the strange ‘energy efficient’ bulbs we were being forced to use by the European Union after they rounded up and smashed up all the old incandescent lights we grew up with.

And, in principle, I don’t object to the edict to smash-up all the current street lights and replace them with LED street lights.


LED street lights are not good (yet).

Firstly, they have a terrible eye piercing glow which is quite blinding if you are trying to see where you are driving, a bit like somebody driving straight at you with their headlights on full beam.

Secondly, generally speaking, they are dimmer than the sodium lights they are replacing. They tend to not reflect across the blackness of the tarmac on the road, but provide small pools of whiteness immediately under them. For the pedestrians it becomes a muggers paradise. For the car drivers it becomes impossible to make out other objects on the actual road. There will be fatal accidents.

The beauty of the modern ‘yellowed’ street lights is how, compared to ‘white’ light, the yellow actually illuminates everything without having an eye piercing glow if you look directly at them. By switching to the current incarnation of LEDs, the motorist is a) blinded by the piercing glow and b) unable to properly see the road surface. People are going to die, especially in the outer parts of Liverpool where everybody insists on wearing black, including the cyclists, who also insist on never having any lights on their bikes.

I’m sure that with diffusers or a bit of development, the LED street lights will develop into something as ‘good’ as the current (modern) street lights, but for now we have a big problem.

Maybe adding to the problem is that LED street lights are all controlled by a centralised Big Brother control centre. They can decide down to an individual street light, which ones are on, which ones are off, and, worryingly, how bright they are. So, add to their inability to light the road, and some jobsworths turning them right down to make their bosses feel we are doing something to protect our environment, and we really will be stepping back into the dark ages.

As usual, we are powerless to stop or change this backward step, even though it is in accord with the enviro-loonies desire that we revert to the Bronze Age or earlier.