Warship comes to Liverpool

You got to love Google+ and its ‘auto-awesome’ function.  I didn’t ask it to, but it stitched together some badly taken snapshots of a warship parked at Liverpool’s newly expanded cruise liner terminal. Parked? ‘Berthed’, I guess.

I can lug around proper camera equipment all day and find nothing to point and shoot at.  Then when there is something all I have is my mobile phone. Mobiles phone cameras are not the best for working in the dark and doing long distance shots, but I took the photos anyway.  Whenever I take a photo it automatically uploads to Google+ as a ‘cloud storage’ so if some scally mugs me I haven’t lost my mugshots when he dances off with my phone leaving me bleeding to death in the gutter.  A while later Google+ says, “Hey Christopher, look what awesome things I’ve done with those photos you took”.  It doesn’t destroy the originals, but offers enhancements or occasionally stitches photos together to make a moving gif or a panoramic view.

In this case it produced a combined panoramic view of a very calm, actually eerily calm, River Mersey. In the distance the lights of Birkenhead and New Brighton reflect on the unusually calm water. Spanning the middle of the photo, but somewhat obscured by everything else, is the huge cruise terminal pontoon, connected at this end to land via the huge blue-lit gangway to the right of the picture.  You can tell from the gangway that the tide was mainly out.  In the foreground left is HMS Dragon, a state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyer.  It had people walking the decks carrying guns, when I passed by late at night. Lucky for me they didn’t know who I was.

The eye can always see much more than the camera, especially if the camera is on a mobile phone.  The actual scene was quite striking, a paradox, with the calm water lapping gently and lazily around the hull of this most powerful beast, capable of instantly firing deadly Sea Viper missiles to accurately hit and destroy targets up to 70 miles away.

What a magnificent looking ship.  I want one!