Mansize Radio is Alright Mate

I get bored very easily when it comes to ‘music radio‘. This causes me to seek out the cool and unusual to listen to, whilst the commercial radio sector refuses to provide ‘fun’ radio.

As I’ve whined many times, for me it’s the content beyond the songs being played. Also, I hate songs just being segued as the radio station then just disappears into oblivion and becomes an annoying iPod left on shuffle, but one I can’t control.

So, to find a radio station that has stuff going on inbetween the songs is brilliant. A radio station with no segues is bliss.

And when the content is quick fire humour, then you’ve got my attention.

In such circumstances, I don’t care if I hate the songs. I’m waiting for the next ‘link’ inbetween the songs. I mean, I love Steve and Suzy on Big L on Sunday mornings because its fun and laugh out loud radio, yet I hate most of the old shite songs they have to play, and just couldn’t listen to the conventional Big L output without my head actually exploding. No matter, when they are on the air I can endure the songs just waiting for them to speak again.

So, let me share with you my latest find:

Mansize Radio, radio for men (in peril).

The station has a different dj every hour and some are more fun, or weird, than the others. I’m not yet sure if there are more than a week’s programmes, but definitely the programmes are different every day.

The songs played, are not my kinda songs, yet are very manly, and very pop-rockish and oldish, to be fair, although if they are played by radio undertaker Kenneth Kneee, then all the artists are ‘dead guys’. One of my favourite features with Mr Kneee is ‘Dead or Pending‘ when you have to guess which of all the famous names he reads out are dead, or, well, ‘pending’, as we all are.

Or there’s Father Cormac O’Leary direct from his rectory chill-out room. He includes lots of opportunities to ask for absolution, and has his dirty thought of the day before his Confessional Countdown, ahead of you needing the radio undertaker, I guess.

My favourite dj is The Wiseman. He has much knowledge to impart. For example, how we should fear the Norwegians because they’ve got lots of ‘cliffs’, or how rashes are a Government plot to stop people having sex. And so on. I have learned so much listening to The Wiseman.

If you remember phone-in radio (LBC/Talk Radio/Absolute) from the days when it was a bit more free-form and the callers were allowed to have character, then you may recall Barry from Watford. Comedy genius. He has a show too.

I could go on, but why don’t you pop over to Mansize Radio and have a listen. The schedule will tell you who’s on and when. You’ll recognise some of the voices, of course. Listen out for the brilliant Sargent Tom Gollock (including his guess my military hardware feature) and you’ll hear what I mean.

You can sit in your man-shed and listen to Mansize Radio via the Tunein app, or by going directly to their website here (

The website is a good laugh in itself!

Alright mate?