A frail 95 year old dies and the lefties weep

Here’s the thing.  The left-wing has a very predictable and uncontrollable knee-jerk reaction to death.

When Margaret Thatcher died, the media the lefties control (such as the BBC) didn’t make too much fuss.  They certainly didn’t interrupt TV programming and close down their main TV channel.  The lefties that couldn’t control themselves of course started dancing and singing and celebrating in the streets.

They did all of this because they are so controlled and indoctrinated to hate that they have no respect for the feelings of the bereaved or the normal humane protocols that surround the death of a very old lady.

Now that Nelson Mandela has died, the left has reacted once more in a very predictable and uncontrollable knee-jerk way.

The first thing they did was to stop BBC1 TV’s programming, and close it down.  Next, they wept and cried in newsprint, on TV, on the radio, everywhere. They love Mandela, despite his terrorist beginnings, and so when his heart stopped their world’s took a turn for the worst.  No death celebrations for them this time. No dancing on his un-dug grave.

Mandela is a hero to the lefties.  Their indoctrination is so complete that they weep as if their own father, brother or son had died.  We knew they would.  We just hoped it wouldn’t be this intense.


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