Oh my god, they’ve killed Christmas

I am not a Christian so I have no alignment to Christmas Day on religious grounds.

Indeed, I am probably still angry that my ancestors had their winter solstice celebrations and rituals ‘stolen’ from them on pain of death in order to be replaced by the marking of the birth of some bloke in the Middle East. A bloke who, many decades after his death, some other blokes had decided was some form of god to be worshipped, despite the bloke himself having said and taught that worship is wrong.

Stealing a day designed to celebrate and encourage the birth of a new Sun, or at the very least to get it to please come back and stop us getting so cold, is unforgivable. However, it is just part of the reign of terror that Christianity has forced upon us.

Whilst still bearing the same name ‘Christmas‘, meaning Christ’s Birthday, even though scholars maintain Jesus was actually born in the Summer, fortunately most of the awful religious stuff has been replaced by a generic ‘be nice, be kind, give presents‘ philosophy.

Yes, agreeably, Christmas Day is now about the magic and the fun of Santa Claus, who, unlike Jesus Christ, is very much alive and helping spread happiness and laughter. After all, Father Christmas (Santa Claus) and his little helpers such as the elves are much nicer to children than Jesus Christ and his little helpers such as Catholic priests.

However, Christmas falls adjacent to the celebration of the New Year. It also falls close to Hanukkah, a Jewish festival of light that was barely celebrated until Christmas was invented, and they rekindled it in order to compete. And, of course, it falls close to the USA’s Thanksgiving.

All in all the month or so can be referred to as a ‘season‘ of holidays, and I suppose this is a collective time to be ‘festive‘.

However, the word ‘Christmas‘ has been banned from use in most major organisations and left-wing local authorities, lest it upset those who do not celebrate or believe in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Primarily, in the their very stupid minds, it is to appease the Muslim community, and especially the tiny vociferous minority within the Muslim community who hate anything non-Islamic.

The left-wing apologists have removed ‘Christmas‘ and replaced it with ‘Festive / Holiday Season‘. This has been systematically happening year after year for the last few decades.

I mean, look at the McDonalds menu , “Festive Pies”, “Festive Burgers” and so on. They are far to scared to use the world ‘Christmas‘.

Now, as a person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I, along with the huge majority of non-Christians am not offended by its existence any more than I am offended by the existence of Eid or the celebration of Guru Nanak‘s birthday.

Indeed, if anything, I never fail to find New Year’s Eve exciting and in some way cathartic and cleansing, a bit like watching as an odometer turns over from 99,999 to 100,000. Even so, I am not offended by the word ‘Christmas‘. Nobody is.

But why oh why are the apologists removing the word ‘Christmas‘ from this time of year?