The Evil Desecration of Graves in Anfield Cemetery

Anfield Cemetery has some very old graves and gravestones alongside some from the more recently departed. The older stones, as one might expect when the ground ‘settles’ (ie the coffin finally decays and the earth moves down half a metre or so to fill the space around the body previously occupied by air) are quite often lop-sided or have completely fallen over. They tend to be left this way because nobody cares.

However, it is unusual in most cemeteries to see the more modern gravestones on their back, but Anfield Cemetery boasts quite a few. Some even appear to show the signs of vandalism with bits missing or broken off. This apparent desecration of gravestones appears to be quite acceptable in Anfield Cemetery, with nobody trying to clear things up or put things right.

Anfield, outside of the Cemetrary, is, like most of Liverpool, overrun with ugly dickheads who own ugly attack dogs (nobody owns ‘cute’ or friendly dogs for fear of being labelled ‘gay’). For some reason these dickheads think it is perfectly acceptable to allow their dogs to foul the pavements. They’ll even wait patiently watching them do it. No attempt is ever made to “kerb your dog” as the old saying asked, so dogs will go right in the centre of the path, and the dickheads are certainly far too important to carry ‘pooper-scoopers’ and plastic bags in order to pick up and safely dispose of their dog waste. The amount of dog shit on the pavements and consequently spreading disease over the shoes and ankles of most school-children is at epidemic proportions, with no journey possible without having to carefully step to avoid the mess. The dog owners just don’t care, and nobody ever bothers to enforce local by-laws prosecuting the offenders for their anti-social behaviour.

Anfield Cemetery, like any of Anfield’s pavements, is also used as a dog toilet. Dogs are disrespectfully walked alongside the gravestones and allowed to piss and shit at will. Nobody cares.

Such is the disgusting level of disrespect and desecration of graves in Anfield Cemetery, that I passed one recently pushed-over fairly modern gravestone which had even had some fresh dog shit added to it.

Assuming the fact that the ‘new’ gravestone had been pushed over and that it had dog shit deposited on it were not both part of a single deliberate desecration, surely the ‘owner’ of the dog must have had some form of feeling that what he/she was allowing was in some way ‘wrong’? Since no attempt to remove the excrement had been made, obviously not. The dickhead felt there was nothing wrong with this picture!

What kind of depth have Liverpudlians reached when they think it’s ok to let their dogs foul over the gravestones of the recently departed? How can these disgusting people just stand there allowing their dogs to do this? How will the family or those left behind mourning the loss of their loved one feel about finding their last remaining marker to the life and times of their dear departed pushed over and covered in dog shit?

How completely wicked of the dog ‘owner’ to allow such a thing to happen. These people have no concept of respect, and should be caught and sent to prison for their part in this evil act of desecration.