Climate Evolution and the coming Ice Age

It is a shock to a significant number of people that our climate is evolving and it is doing so without much input from the human race.

There are a large number of people who want humans to have some imaginary power and influence over the weather, the climate, the future of the planet.  In a bad way.

I’m not talking about the shaman who shake sticks and do lovely dances in order to make it rain or not rain, but those who really really really want to believe that human beings are bad and so therefore the world is about to end.

Unfortunately, most of those fellow humans who wear an environmental badge of some shape or size, have humanity in their sights as being to blame for something that hasn’t happened or isn’t happening.

For many decades they have railed against humanity and blamed them for the weather and the climate.   More specifically they have occupied themselves with examining the climate and suggesting it is warming because of the dirty waste from humanity.  They’ve homed in on carbon dioxide.  This is the gas that we mainly breath out and plants mainly breath in.  It is also produced when we create energy such as electricity.

There’s not a huge amount of carbon dioxide about compared to all the other gasses in the atmosphere, yet it’s been designated the bogeyman and we are to blame for its very slight increase in quantity.  In order to make it a bigger bodeyman, instead of using the name ‘carbon dioxide’ those who wish to demonise it call it ‘carbon’.  ‘Carbon’ sounds dirty and black and smudgy and so we think of it as ‘bad’.

The more astute of those propagating the lie about man made global warming also manage to push the need for recycling, renewable energy, and certainly insist on the payment of huge amounts of money to the various activist organisations that have sprung up to ensure the fear is always there.  People must always believe we are bad and so in order to rectify and compensate for our unsightly and unacceptable badness, we must give them more and more cash, more handouts, and more and more power over us.

Climate is in a constant state of flux. Change is what the climate is constantly doing.  Change is part of climate evolution.

Only at a localised level does humanity seem to have a tiny influence over his immediate environment.  This truly upsets the environmentalists, who want to believe we are so evil that we are destroying the entire planet just by looking at it.

In order to ensure we lived in fear and complied with their need to take lots of money from us, dire predictions were made decades ago, with the worst things ever scheduled to be happening to us and our planet by now.  Yes, they were absolutely positive, we were doomed, and would be facing increased sea levels drowning large numbers of us, the lack of rain in the scorching hot summer and wildly mild winters.  Famously, snow would never be experienced by our children, poor things.

It was all our fault and directly connected to the amount of carbon dioxide we were emitting, the more we emitted, the hotter it would get until we eventually boiled in a bag of our own juices.

Well, of course, we carried on emitting carbon dioxide.  Indeed, we emitted more and more than was expected in the highly expensive computer models of our doom.  But, nothing happened.  Indeed, global temperatures either stayed the same or showed signs of  reducing. They didn’t increase or escalate in the way the predictions said they would.

Desperately, the environmentalists blamed the standstill on human activity.  They denied that anything was wrong with their predictions of doom and gloom.  Cooling was our fault.  Heating was our fault.  A warm day was our fault.  A cool day was our fault.  They tried to make sure everything was a fault and we were the cause.

Only, they were wrong.

Climate evolution is nobody’s ‘fault’, it just is.

There any still a vocal minority that are in denial over climate evolution.  At the moment they are stamping their feet and putting their fingers in their ears whilst repeating their mantras as loudly and as intimidatingly as they can.

However, it doesn’t matter how hard they try, they can’t control natural climate evolution.