Turning Christian minds bonkers

(A guest article written by Peter Moore)

My niece who is just 21 years old grew up in New Zealand and at school she was bullied as she did not look or act quite like the other kids. She was befriended by a few Christian kids who did not bully her and she found protection with them. Soon, she veered towards Christianity much to the horror of her father who holds all God botherers and tree huggers in contempt.

Then she started attending Church, a phase that her Dad hoped she would grow out of. She pointed out to him that her behaviour that he so disapproved of was better then taking drugs and getting pregnant, which many of her class mates were doing. Then to do some good in the world, she trained as a teacher. So, all good so far.

Now an old person like me might look toward religion as an all covering insurance policy, but of course if you do not fully believe in it, the policy is void. But even if Christianity is just smoke and mirrors it helped this young lady get out of a bad situation and pointed her in a good direction.

Sadly, she has now fallen under the spell of the Christ For All Nations Ministry, which seems to be based in Halesowen, but can easily be traced to Orlando Florida and is just another of the many slick, charismatic evangelical churches that they have.

In fact it is based all around one man, namely Reinhard Bonnke (yes, I know). His web site very soon wants to sell you things, such as his autobiography $30. A small book, Taking Action $18. Surviving Your Wilderness $8. Your Kingdom Come $12.00. Healing In The Glory $19.99. Full Flame Film Box Set $49.95.

Now these people have sent her a card as she has entered a free draw to win a trip to Ghana, If she wins, the card makes her various promises such as that she will:

Actually SEE and HEAR God working with multitudes of people.
See for herself as an I-Witness of God’s greatness.
Watch souls being saved by the thousands.
Witness lives being totally transformed during worship.
Celebrate as she observes confirmable miracles of healing, sight and wonders.
Feel as though she is stepping in to prophetic bible passages, that describe fields of people that are ripe and ready for harvest.

The last comment is the most telling, since her prize application encourages her to rope in others as if the Ministry get other applications via her efforts this will increase her chances of winning. She is also directed to a number of associated web sites where it is said she will learn still more ways of increasing her winning chances.

So, this is just religious pyramid selling where you become an agent and then appoint your own agents who appoint their agents.

There is no point in speaking with her. Her faith is unshakeable.

Now, I am not saying that there is no God, personally I would be pleased if there was such a being, but if there is, he maybe ought to look at all these franchises operating under his name.

Peter Moore.
(Guest Author)