Street fountain time

███████████████████████████ 100% DONE
Installation complete. 
Season recovered from July 2006 backup.

It’s summer in Liverpool, and that means it’s water fountain time.  The local scummies think it is their right to go around prising open and popping every water hydrant they can find.  I regularly see 7 or 8 of them spouting up at the same time within just three adjacent streets.

This makes for impressively high spouts of water and much local flooding, not to mention a reduction in water pressure in the nearby social housing. No doubt the cost will get passed on to water bills.

But at least the voluntarily unemployed and their many many kids are happy.  They have a wonderful plaything which helps them cool down a bit, stop them fighting and arguing for a few hours, and any problems the water might cause are never their problems.  Such is the way of life of the locals.

The only thing that must be a problem is trying to re-light a soggy spliff or accidentally watering down the open can of Stella it’s law to carry at all times in North Liverpool.