We must have more houses?

(A guest article written by Peter Moore)

This has been the cry in the media for some time now. The subject revolves around how we get these new homes.

Do we turn unprofitable shops in to homes, maybe refurbish derelict properties. Maybe force developers who are holding plots of building land to erect homes on them. Perhaps seek out plots in ex industrial areas.

Representatives of the building industry who are called on to comment, say that all these things should be done, but even that is just tinkering around at the edges of the problem.

The solution it seems is to build on land previously considered as part of the Green Belt. Apparently we can no longer preserve these areas, as the need for housing is so great.

I have not so far heard any interviewer saying ‘why do we need these houses, who exactly will live in them?’

I have heard the odd politician mutter about the growing population. Again, who are they?

We may be the odd ones out, but my partner and I never went down the road of having children. Two sets of couples who are our friends chose the same path. We will not add to the housing demand. My sister had three children, soon they will need a house each. But across four couples there are still only three children.

When I and my sister and my pals pass away, four homes will come on the market.

Could part of the problem be that as we are living longer, the process of homes becoming available is being delayed. I think that the usual British family has two kids, so the population should remain stable under those circumstances aside from the matter of the old ones not dying so soon.

But I heard one promoter of Islam saying that they could not fail to take over the UK simply by having more babies than the British.

Is this housing demand (if indeed it exists) fuelled by immigration and by the offspring of the immigrants? I wonder if any politician would be brave enough to answer that question.

I am not about to infuriate Christopher England by criticising Margaret Thatcher. Her scheme to allow people to buy their Council Houses was excellent and I watched areas being transformed from run down to pristine as soon as the buildings passed in to private ownership. You could instantly see the new front doors, porches, loft conversions etc., on the houses that had been bought.

Where it went wrong was in not using the money from sales to build more Council Houses.

Of course a huge rush of house building will ‘stimulate the economy’. Aside from those employed putting the buildings up, the spin off in the need for materials would be immense.  Now, if the government gave an incentive or directive that all materials must be sourced from with the UK and also that the work force through the whole supply chain must be recruited from those currently claiming Job Seekers Allowance.

So, might someone tell me why we cannot do this and who it is that actually needs these new houses that we so much seem to need?

Peter Moore.
(Guest Author)