That Grand National Annual Cull

We should congratulate the humans that yesterday and for the last three days decided to operate a sort of ‘natural selection’ system for the culling of old horses. It’s so much better than letting these horses linger on enjoying life and using up food and water which could go to the fitter.

I suppose we do rejoice nationally as the annual cull starts at Aintree in Sefton, a neighbouring borough to Liverpool. People even wear special celebratory funeral hats and respectful clothing in order to show their support when they are allowed into this open air abattoir, whilst the rest of the nation crowds round television sets to watch the lottery of death and close-ups of the dying.

Carrying humans and lead weights on their backs, the horses are forced to plough into large ‘walls’ or to try to jump over them. Jumping over is an impossible task for about 80% of them, and certainly not an easy task if they are tired and suffering from the pressure of the weight they’ve been forced to carry for the nearly 5 mile long obstacle course.

With only the fittest surviving to run another day, the old horses that haven’t already died at the scene are swiftly put to death by teams of highly trained medical staff.

But, what are the alternatives? We could allow these horses to live and die naturally of old age or whatever it is horses natually die of. However, we wouldn’t want that would we?