Jake Morrison is gay

There’s a very young local councillor representing the Labour party (there isn’t really any other party in Liverpool, it’s a one party state), who managed to get himself elected two years ago when he was only 18. He’s quite active on social media, as most 20 year olds are, and has reacted to recent innuendo and rumour by finally ‘coming out’ on Facebook.

Jake Morrison is gay

To add to the trauma of ‘coming out’ on Facebook, he then joined Pete Price on Radio City to come out all over again.  Price made it harder for him by building it up and stealing the moment in order to talk about when he himself ‘came out’ 27 years ago.

I am not a fan of local councillors, and to all intents and purposes I don’t think Morrison has provided any earth-shattering contribution to local life since his election.

I am however a fan of young people getting into politics, and for that he should be applauded. Good for him.

As for his sexuality, well I didn’t even question it.  It’s not something that enters my mind.  If I were looking at him and considering anything, it would be centred on his confidence, ability, and, well, ideas relating to the job of representing people from a specific area in the local political arena.  Hey, he looks so fresh, so wet behind the ears and young.  If I was to have a worry, it might be about his age and therefore his lack of life experience that might help him identify with those he represents.  I can’t think that top of my agenda for discovery would be his personal life, his sex life, or anything he might consider private.

Some politicians wear their sexuality in public.  Typically this is done by showing off ‘the wife’ or ‘the girlfriend’ by getting her to stand by them looking awkward as they wait for results to be counted, or during important election rallies.  Having said that, of course ‘the wife’ or ‘the girlfriend’ can always be a front, and behind the scenes a double life is led.  Others may cover themselves in badges and symbols of the gay rights movement, and so also wear their sexuality in public.

Probably the majority don’t provide anything from their private lives or sex lives in order to push into the public eye who they are or what they are.

Who they are and what they are shouldn’t matter to anybody.  Yet, it seems to.  Typically it worries those who are deeply religious, as religions obsess about sex all the time.  Indeed, they are usually extremely homophobic to boot.

So, from my perspective and my somewhat laid back look at life, I found the whole episode of Jake Morrison telling the world he is gay a major non-event.  I felt sorry for him, as, for him, it was obviously very embarrassing, awkward and difficult.

But, I am not a typical Liverpudlian.  I’m a fresher here and I come from a part of the country where a lot of people are openly gay, and so it actually means nothing to me.  I just don’t care.

Jake Morrison ‘coming out’ in Liverpool is a bit of a big thing for the old school Scousers who have issues with sexuality owing to them still being infected with the religion virus.  It is they who might now decide to not vote for him in the future. They’ll make this decision not on his ability to perform as an elected representative, but on his private life.  Homophobia runs rife here, despite Liverpool boasting a thriving ‘Gay Quarter’.

In an ideal world the gay-bashers would be rounded up and dropped into the Mersey whilst wearing a concrete filled anorak.
My advice to Jake can only be to just get on with it.  Be a good young politician, grow into a brilliant one. Most importantly be true to the voters and do the right thing by them. The majority will love or hate you for how you do your job, not your private life.