Africa ain’t gettin’ hotter

So, we know already about the ‘unreal’ aspect of natural world type programmes featuring David Attenborough, don’t we?

For many many years no sound was ever recorded alongside the pictures or footage of animals we’ve not seen so close-up before.  For many many years the sound was added by what the American film industry refers to as ‘foley artists’.  These are the people who create absolutely every non-human sound you hear on a movie (except the music and special effects).  In most cases they do it using devices in a recording studio.  What appears to be the footsteps of the movie star walking down a path is in fact somebody pressing a shoe into a sandbox.  What appears to be a tiny bug chewing on something is usually a foley artist scratching around with a bit of screwed up paper.

They mess with your mind.  Or at least they mess with your ears.  What you see on a natural world programme is real, whilst what you hear isn’t.

Well, I say what you see is real, but in recent times we’ve had great exposures about how what we have seen hasn’t always been real.  The cute polar bear cubs weren’t filmed in the Arctic as was inferred by the editing in the film.  Nope, they were in the zoo.

It seems to me that this type of deception is fine as long as we are told it is a fabrication for illustrative purposes.  I mean, we are used to the realistic looking dinosaurs and David Attenborough‘s commentary relaying an imaginary story as if the battles we were shown were real.  We knew they weren’t real, didn’t we? We knew it was all produced on a computer, didn’t we?

Well, one way or another we’ve always assumed that the narrative was well researched, checked and double checked, haven’t we?

Then during the Africa series we were suddenly told how the continent was doomed because of climate change.  Aha, here we go.  Yes, according to David Attenborough, certain parts of Africa had warmed by 3.5 degrees Celsius in the last 20 years.

This ridiculous figure was immediately challenged.  This time not by just the sceptics.  To great surprise, Leo Hickman, a journalist for The Guardian, dared to question this bizarre 3.5 degrees figure.

Kudos to him, because the Guardian and the BBC are usually in complete and unwavering accord in pushing the global warming meme. Indeed, it’s probably because he was a journalist for the Guardian that encouraged answers to his questions.  Outside of the club, people normally have to wait for months or resort to Freedom of Information requests.

The BBC told him that it was the ‘production’ that had written the script, not David Attenborough.  So he contacted them, asking for the source of their 3.5 degress figure.

Had they gone to a climatologist or a scientific paper for their figure?

Nope, they got it from Oxfam.  Yes, Oxfam.

Oxfam are one of the advocacy organisations who make their money out of disasters.  They are funded in order to deal with present and future disasters.  Africa is one of the areas they are most active in.  The idea that parts of Africa are facing catastrophe because of climate change is in their interest.

So where did Oxfam get their figure from?

Well, the chain continues of course.  As you might expect they were quoting something or someone else.  Aha, you’re expecting that they contacted scientists dealing with climate change.

Nope.  The footnotes in the Oxfam paper said the 3.5 degrees figure had been taken from a Christian Aid leaflet and report.

And where had Christian Aid gotten the figure from.  Apparently it was from a ‘conversation with authors’ in 2006.

And so it went round and round, with the much quoted figure of 3.5 degrees having appeared out of thin air.

Hickman then approached actual climate scientists who disputed the figure was even possible, let alone probable.  Africa has not endured a temperature rise of 3.5 degrees in the last 20 years.  Yet, the scare mongering Africa programme said it so matter of factly that so many will have just accepted the lie.

All of this is completely unacceptable.  Even the BBC agreed.  The repeat showing of the programme and the on demand iPlayer version had the bizarre statement removed.

Yes, it’s true that in lots of ways this whole episode can be written off as a storm in a teacup.  But the big issue here is that if you drip feed the public with completely made-up alarmism, they will start to believe it.  The constant reinforcement of this global warming propaganda is designed to lead those who don’t bother fact checking or are easily led.  It makes them ready to accept any further advancement of global carbon dioxide taxation or the establishment of centralised global laws and control over humanity.

This has to be stopped.