Do you ignore the inter-dimensional beings too?

I’ve never understood why humans generally don’t discuss what happens to them at night.  I can only assume it’s because they are in denial.

The facts are simple.  We are forced into regular periods of ‘sleep’.  This is a state of being partially shut-down or being placed on ‘standby’ and has only one purpose.

This voluntary shut-down happens so that nightly maintenance work can be carried out on our bodies by the inter-dimensional beings that are usually invisible to us.  Their job is to pull us completely apart, clean and lubricate everything and put us back together again.  They will fix things like headaches and feelings of fatigue, and deal with any slow changes that are needed as our parts wear and tear.

Very occasionally humans can wake a little early and catch a fleeting glimpse of them disappearing, but for the vast majority of people the work of the inter-dimensional maintenance men carries on their whole life without them knowing.

There are tell-tale signs of course, but most humans don’t connect them to the work that’s being done.

As an example, flicky eye.  It can be quite common to wake and realise that a random muscle next to an eye keeps twitching.  It might be twitching to a degree that it is almost unnoticeable by others, but for a lot of the day it will be noticeable by the person inflicted.  Of course, the reason for the flickering is bad maintenance.  Having been reassembled slightly wrongly can leave the tiny muscle spasms twitching away all day.

Then, as any sufferer from flicky eye will tell you, despite all their failed attempts to coax it to stop flicking, it will then be fixed during the next night’s strip down and reassembly by the inter-dimensional beings.  The next morning the flicky eye will have completely, and apparently inexplicably, disappeared.

Of course, a major part of their nightly function is to swap-up parts to make us look older.  Usually this is very subtle to the point where we personally don’t even notice it.  But, there are times when it’s not so subtle.  We get up and look into a bathroom mirror only to discover a sudden collection of grey hairs that weren’t there before we went to sleep.  Why they have to do this I don’t fully understand, but it might be due to shortage of parts or something.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, humans seem happy to chose to ignore or even deny the existence of the inter-dimensional beings and their maintenance schedule.  Why do we do that?