In search of April

There is something uniquely and brilliantly wonderful about human beings in a group sometimes.

When 5 year old April Jones disappeared, people came from far and wide to help try to find her or to just help or something, anything.  People wanted to put right a very terrible wrong.  Somehow. Some way.

They were drawn to do this because of the actions of one human.

Just as when after the riots last year, humans came in their hundreds to help clean up and make things right, we have a trait where we try to fix things or make things better.

It appears that Mark Bridger, currently charged with the abduction and murder of April, decided to add to his ultimate cruelty by not revealing where April now is.

This has resulted in there being enough evidence to charge Bridger, but no April.

I use her name because I hesitate to say no “body“, as that pretty obviously is the elephant in the room that everybody’s avoiding talking about.

People want to help “bring April home to her family”, they don’t say they want to help find April’s ‘remains’ or talk about her in the past tense.

With April not being found there’s that faint end of a nightmare possibility that suddenly she’ll be found playing somewhere and everything will be okay.  Deep down everybody knows this cannot happen, but nobody wants to say so out loud.

For Bridger this is just part of the power game.  Yes, he holds the power.  He knows what happened to April.  He knows exactly where she is.  He also knows everybody else is desperate to know too.  But, he has control, he has the power, and only he knows the answer, and that makes him feel great.

Bridger’s cruelty is like moor’s murderer Ian Brady’s cruelty.  Not even the dying mother of one of Brady’s child victims was allowed closure by being told by Brady where he had buried her son’s body 50 years previously.  This meant he kept the power and the hold over the victims’ families forever.

Bridger is doing the same thing with April‘s family.  How completely cold and cruel.

There ought to be a way to ‘force’ the information out of them instead of allowing the cruel taunting to continue.

No doubt, pumping the murderers full of truth serum, or torturing them for the answers would make us as bad as them.

But doesn’t not being able to force the information out of them also mean we are collectively being as cruel as them?

Surley we owe the families some real closure?