The Ross Revenge is MY Precious

Radio anoraks are dangerous things.

Especially the old ones.

Now then, a typical old style radio anorak will love and worship any radio station that doesn’t have any listeners. And, for them it is far more important to know all that can be known about the transmitter and studio than it is to actually listen to the programming.

This fact is rather odd because most radio anoraks will constantly record the output of these radio stations with no listeners as well as swoon at pictures of the transmitting aerials.

The central focus of old radio anoraks is, of course, offshore radio.  That’s the pirate radio ships that operated out at sea up until over 20 years ago.

They worship the finer detail of whatever once happened, and like to talk about it over and over and over again.

Nothing causes more discussion than Radio Caroline.  And there is one particular forum that is dominated by the same conversations going round and around and around over and over again as if all the four or five contributors are suffering from very advanced Alzheimer’s disease and have been for a decade or more.

The forum I’m thinking about allows multiple postings under as many different names as anybody wishes to pick, and tends to openly encourage abuse and negativity as well as outright racism right up to ‘moderator’ level.  Bad karma.

I rarely visit this particular forum these days as I don’t like racists, and don’t want to read the same conversations going round and round on high rotation faster than the 300 songs played by any oldies radio station.  But I do stop for a look when I notice posts being made by Peter Moore.

From time to time when Peter Moore is bored, he takes a very long stick and jabs it around into the nest of radio anoraks infesting the forum to ‘activate’ them.  He typically comes out to play when the subject of Radio Caroline comes up.  Somebody will pose an important question about Radio Caroline like, “When Radio Caroline was broadcasting in 1985, did they tell the time from a clock in the studio or did they ask a large elephant that used to stand next to them?”  “When the transmitter switched off in a storm in February 1976, was it off for 1 hour, 4 minutes and 3 seconds or 1 hour, 4 minutes and 4 seconds?”

Peter Moore will step forward to answer.

Peter Moore is the owner and operator of the UK based Radio Caroline.  This very fact seems to upset some radio anoraks, whilst triggering others to bow down to him like a god-head.  And both reactions are fully represented on the aforementioned forum.

In contention is the ownership of the ship once used to broadcast as Radio Caroline, the MV Ross Revenge.  Peter Moore and his hand selected team control the ship and regularly swarm over it doing stuff to it and pretending it is back at sea broadcasting to thousands of people.  Even so, they don’t own it.

I wrote an article here some long time ago explaining that actually I own the Ross Revenge.  I won it fair and square from its original owner in a game of snooker that he badly lost, because I’m cool and he is not.

Peter Moore, I notice, has poured derision on my ownership.  In one of his latest postings on the otherwise offensive forum he said, “Aha, My old pal Chris E. But don’t worry since he sold it to Lord Lucan.”

(My Precious)

Oh no I didn’t, son.  I’ve not sold my precious Ross Revenge on to anybody.  To this very day I own the Ross Revenge. Prove that I don’t! I sure do! And, I will never give up my precious Ross Revenge!

I’m outraged that Peter Moore should attempt to belittle my ownership of the Ross Revenge in this way.  How dare he poke me with his long anorak-poking stick!

I’ve never met Lord Lucan, and I’ve certainly never traded with him.
The precious ship remains mine all mine, it’s my precious.
Nobody else’s precious.
We needz it.
Must have precious.
Must gets it back.
They stole it from us.
Sneaky little anorakis.
Wikid anorakis. 
We won’t let them steals it again.
This time we killis them for precious.
They never takes precious again when we kills them all.


  1. Well I think that your ownership of the Vessal would really depend on which company you where handed?. I would guess that the company that you think he gave was just a front for a front company. I think that the truth of ownership may lie, in the Channel Islands.


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