The climate is finally changing

Something interesting is happening in the world of the climate change religion.  It seems that politicians are no longer being fooled.

Where Obama once led on the need to tackle man-made climate change, the recent conference of the Democrats only mentioned it once, and that was just in passing.  It now seems to be on the back burner or thrown away.

Back to the UK, and the high priests of the climate change religion have been openly weeping copiously via the millionaire socialists and BBC executives favoured thought-imprint called The Guardian newspaper.  The recent Cabinet reshuffle has meant that those struck by the climate change religion are no longer in positions of power.  The climate change religion no longer reigns in Government and this terrifies the eco-loonies who want to believe the world is about to end.

This of course doesn’t mean much will be done to stop our soaring energy bills paying subsidies to the all but pointless wind-power industry, or that we’ll see a quick running dry of the huge monies available for anybody wishing to set-up a climate change straw-man and then ‘investigate’ how to ‘deal’ with him at our expense.

It’ll take a while for that aspect of the climate change industry to wind down, but it’s getting there.

Only recently the world was reading yet another published research paper that once again showed that there is a lag from when the planet warms or cools and the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  (Carbon Dioxide is called ‘Carbon’ by the climate change religion because it makes it sound so very dirty.)

Once again science seems to be discovering and reconfirming that there is little to no correlation between carbon dioxide levels and the climate.  It’s the other way around, with the levels of carbon dioxide having absolutely no effect on climate.

If true, then the climate change religion has completely lost its entire function as a tool to punish humanity for daring to emit carbon dioxide.

And that’s the big point.

The response from the climate change religion will of course be to re-invent itself, twisting and turning until it can once again jump up and down screaming about some kind of ‘thermageddon’ that humanity is to blame for.

The Christian religion had to do similar revisions once putting people to death or exiling them for saying the world was round and orbited the Sun, no longer worked in the face of mounting scientific evidence.

There are, of course, elements of the climate change religion that will look towards conspiracy theories or anything they can clutch hold of, in order to deny the science.

Denial of the science and the scientific process is an important aspect of any religion.  The climate change religion not only denies the science but actively slurs and campaigns to silence the scientists through its highly financed eco-environmental advocacy.  The deniers try to stop those looking at climate change yet not adhering to their ‘thermageddon’ message, from being able to publish their research.  They’ve had people sacked from the universities they’ve worked at, threatened to have editors sacked for publishing papers they disagree with, and constantly rant on about how ‘Big Oil’ is funding the research they want to deny.

They are so obsessed by wanting there to be a crisis and, most importantly, for man to be to blame, that they deny and suppress the huge evidence to the contrary.

Followers of the climate change religion are also fodder for many of the other conspiracy theories.  They will adamantly believe in alien abductions, that man never set foot on the moon, or any crackpot conspiracy theory as long as it in some way puts humanity down and belittles us, our achievements and knowledge.

Meanwhile, the truth is out there.  Even the politicians are starting to see it now.  Finally, the climate is truly changing.


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