The cost of your alcohol abuse

You drunks and alcies have been in the news again.  You are costing us a fortune.  You are terrorising hospital staff and getting in the way of the normal people who genuinely need help.

You use your alcohol abuse to excuse the fights you get into, the fact that you cheat on your partner by having sex with others, or as a pardon for attacking random strangers, stealing, and hurting normal people.  Incapable of taking responsibility for your own actions, you blame the alcohol!  Dickheads!

Bizarrely, people like you are usually the dickheads who have no idea how to have fun unless it involves passing out in a pool of your own vomit with no recollection of the hours that went before. Why you feel the desperate need to self-induce an episode of how those with Altzheimer’s Disease feel and act I have no real understanding.

Logically it can only be that you are in the company of people you just can’t stand.  People you hate.  I mean, if you were out with people you liked then you’d want to cherish the memories of what you all did together.  But no, you need to escape from it all by getting off your head.  That’s how you deal with going out with such awful company.  There’s no other logical explanation.  Well, other than you being mad, of course.

The Governments of England and Scotland are separately and together trying to deal with you dickheads who drink irresponsibly.  One aspect of this is to raise the cost of alcohol, but I can’t see how this will stop anybody other than the 9 or 10 year olds.

Maybe what’s needed is an education campaign.  If we explained that people such as you really don’t have to go out with people they obviously hate, maybe you’d pick the company of those you want to remember having a good time with and go out with them instead.

Mainly, we probably need to show you dickheads that it’s dead easy to have lots of belly-laugh fun and to enjoy life with the excitement of a wild 6 year old, regardless of your age.  When you dickheads were young children you didn’t need the drugs and alcohol to help you have a good time.  You just had a good time.  Now, because you are older you have forgotten how to have that good time.  You and other dickheads assume you have to get off your heads in order to just ‘cope’ with being with others, let alone having a good time with them. You don’t.

Re-education is what is needed.  They, and you, need to re-learn how to have a good time.

In Liverpool, there is a place called “The Brink”.  It is an alcohol-free bar-club-venue-cafe-come-place-to-hang and is an outlet of Action on Addiction, so it is aimed at being a place where, in the words of Nick Barton, the Chief Executive, “it is possible to relax, socialise, celebrate and have fun without dowsing yourself in mood altering chemicals. Actually in today’s world, this here is the real counter-culture.”

Yes. I like thinking of it as part of the revolution; part of the solution.

The Brink was recently visited by the lovely Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and so bumped into the limelight for a while.  It’s a place where people can chill, or get excited by acts performing their songs or telling jokes, or meet friends and enjoy from a massive range of alcohol-free drinks and food.

What’s sad is that there aren’t more places like the Brink.  We need dozens of places that aren’t just designed for ex-addicts to feel safe in, but are alcohol-free as a way of life.

Before smoking was finally banned by law from inside pubs, more and more pubs were opening up smoke-free bars as we moved away from forcing others to stink.  They were amazingly popular.  Well, we now need alcohol-free pubs, and for people to re-learn how to enjoy themselves without the pressure to use alcohol just to socialise.