Charlie Brooker is annoying

Charlie Brooker starts off as slightly annoying, but can get as far as very annoying.

Brooker looking annoyed

Charlie Brooker is not just annoying because he broke the unwritten covenant with every Blue Peter watching pre-pubescent boy by marrying the beautiful Konnie Huq, an action which, quite frankly, is all but unforgivable.

He’s annoying because his observational humour is sometimes so dark it’s thick with devil juice, despite being so right.

He annoyingly succeeds when pointing out how crass a lot of TV is in his Screenwipe and Newswipe shows, especially mainstream news media and reality shows, and his satire hits home when he annoyingly gets it all so right about how it is all so wrong.

Brooker is probably at his second most annoying (the first being the Konnie Huq thing) when he is writing stuff for TV.

One of his best was ‘Dead Set’ during which he turned the actual Big Brother set into a zombie fest of blood and gore and dead bodies.  I know it’s sort of like that most of the time, but this was real zombies and blood and gore, including Davina McCall turning into an out of control zombie.  Yep, he annoyingly desecrated that perfect MILF, Davina.

He also annoyingly never addressed the great mystery of zombies that I’ve never understood; why it is that some victims turn into zombies whilst some victims get eaten.  I mean, what’s the pecking order?

But all of this annoyingly pales into insignificance compared to the premise he explored in episode one of his Black Mirror trilogy.  Three different self-contained stories make up Black Mirror.  The second one, ’15 Million Merits’ takes the X Factor show to the annoying next level, some might say, the ultimate level of reality TV shows that we are actually waiting for, and really needs to be viewed by those who ‘believe in’ reality TV.

A pig looking at its Prime…

However, episode one, ‘The National Anthem’, went with a perfectly rational idea.  You are the Prime Minister and you wake up one morning to discover a senior member of the Royal Family has been kidnapped.  The kidnappers have released a video via Youtube (so everybody sees it) that says that the Princess will be killed at 4pm unless the Prime Minister is shown on all TV channels across the UK, having sex with a pig.

Yep, the Prime Minister has to save the Princess by having sex with a pig, live on TV.

‘The National Anthem’ annoyed a few hundred viewers who huffed and puffed and complained, presumably because they are pigist or something, but for the rest of us with a brain this show was an extremely funny yet uncomfortable ride (sorry, that wasn’t a pig reference).  It’s probably the best thing I’ve seen on TV (I’m still not talking about the pig) for a very long time.  It was so wrong that it was right, whist also being so right that it was wrong.

Yes, that annoying Brooker had hit a perfect premise and played it out perfectly, damn him.  If you missed it, I implore you to go online to 4OD and play it, or make sure you catch one of the Channel 4 repeats.  It’s truly the best thing that’s been on TV for years, annoyingly.