Comminute clouds of knowledge

We were somewhere drinking this absolutely disgusting tasting Cloudy Lemonade.  All agreed it was terrible, and so we examined the ingredients list.  As one does.

It listed that it contained amongst all the other stuff, “Lemon Comminute from Concentrate”.

It’s a great sounding word but none of us knew what it meant.
What followed by way of discovering what it might be, was two distinctly different ways of trying to find out.
A couple of us immediately whipped out our Android phones and hit the search key and typed it in.
Another left the room and eventually returned with a paper Dictionary.
And another had a dedicated palm-top Electronic Dictionary.
Each was determined to discover the meaning first, and of course it was the Androids who won.  By performing a simple (Google) search and knowing how to drill down into the results in order to discover more, or indeed to just opt for’s listing, uncovered more than just the answer.  There is a greater breadth of examples, explanation, context and knowledge.
Second in was the Electronic Dictionary.  Although this defined the word, the definition was very blunt and limited, leaving a lot unsaid.
Finally the paper Dictionary result was found, and whilst it was slightly more comprehensive than that in the Electronic Dictionary, it certainly didn’t provide anything near the absolutely comprehensive ‘mine of information’ the Android users were discussing about the whole process and the pictures and videos they were able to source to properly enhance their knowledge.
As the older generations finally leave us and the ‘internet’ and ‘Google’ generations take over from the paper and printed word generations in the Western world, will there come a time when physical books like Dictionaries are no longer needed?  
If so, I suspect that time is not far off at all.  
I mean, how will you now find out what ‘comminute’ means?
Exactly my point!