Radio North Sea International, the voice of terrorism?

Radio anoraks are so easily led and have been fodder across the years for some pretty outrageous ripping off and false beliefs.  To this day, a whole batch of them will still talk about “L.A.” (“Loving Awareness”) as if it is some kind of real philosophy or unique religious or spiritual experience that only the few hundred listeners to 1970s Radio Caroline were suddenly blessed with.

The reality is very different of course. “L.A.” was invented at a mid-1970s stoned party after looking at a gate-fold pamphlet for a new Lada car.  It was needed as a way of making the whole offshore operation cost less.  By elevating offshore radio beyond just being a way of making loads of money by playing sponsored ‘payola’ records and adverts, people would feel a need to work for the station for free, just as they will work for free for any apparently religious entity.

The ‘Mebo II’, broadcasting RNI’s subversive signals across Europe

Earlier than the false belief in “Loving Awareness” were the lies and deceit that surrounded an early 1970s pirate station broadcasting as Radio North Sea International (RNI).

There are things about RNI that it’s only just become safe to talk about with the exiting from power of Gaddafi in Libya. Indeed, even the relevant paperwork has started to be found and come to light. 

It is well-known that Gaddafi was funding and supplying bombs and arms to the IRA who were very active in the 1970s throughout Britain, setting bombs and killing innocent people.

RNI was set-up by the same organisation that supplied parts to Libya for the bomb that blew-up the airliner over Lockerbie in 1988.  The ships used for RNI (the “Mebo” and “Mebo II”) were purchased with large sums of money that was suddenly available to the owners a few months after the coup when Gaddafi seized power and control over Libya and the unlimited wealth this gave him access to.

Then, at the end of the ships useful lives as part of European offshore radio, they were delivered to Libya.  After a while of mucking around with them as radioships, they were eventually blown-up as part of the Libyan navy target practice.

The true purpose of the establishment of Radio North Sea International has often been hinted at, but never confirmed.  There are numerous rumours about how it was sending out coded messages to foreign agents via its transmitters using short-wave, or that at times the content of the output was designed to carry subliminal messages and information.

This has often been denied by those who were employed as DJs at the time, but then these were, of course, young naive English ego-trippers who wanted to be radio stars and it’s very unlikely that they had any idea of what was really going on and what they were actually part of.

A similar copy-cat subliminal messaging radioship project was also established a few years after the first appearance of RNI, but this time off the coast of Israel and called ‘The Voice of Peace’.  The ‘Voice of Peace’ was actually ironically anything but, and was used for similar purposes.  This also employed young naive English ego-trippers who had no idea what they were part of.

The British and neighbouring countries authorities were quick to realise what RNI was really up to.

Initially, RNI transmitters were deliberately set to interfere with ship to shore frequencies just under the usual ‘Medium Waveband’ used by normal music broadcasters.  RNI blatantly blotted out communications between coastguards and lightships.  Oddly chosen short-wave frequencies also caused interference.

The British authorities jammed the broadcasts in order to try to stop the messages being heard by the agents they were intended to reach.  Other countries jammed the short-wave transmissions.  RNI had to be interrupted from its main purpose of co-ordinating the work of subversives and the agents of other countries trying to destabilise parts of Europe.

The jamming was very effective, with virtually nobody able to hear RNI’s output apart from the few thousand dedicated ‘anorak’ listeners who were happy to listen to the jamming signals in order to try to work out what RNI was doing, playing or saying in the background.

To retaliate against this, RNI changed its name to Radio Caroline for a week, and broadcast anti-Labour Government propaganda at the time of a General Election.  Regardless of what radio anoraks like to believe, this had little to no bearing on the outcome of the election, since the ordinary (non-radio anorak) man couldn’t actually hear it!

Despite the Conservative party gaining control of the country, the jamming continued in order to stop the subversive messages getting through to the agents of the other powers who were working against Western Europe.

As more confirmation of the truth behind RNI comes out, it is starting to shock the radio anoraks who had been blissfully unaware of what they were really listening to and how much they had been conned.  Heck, some of them even attended protest rallies about the jamming!

One can only wonder if they would have taken part had they known the truth, and how stupid they must feel today. 


  1. Just to let you know that I tried to get a job on rni but was far too young and I'm so glad I didnt now that I realise that rni was a instrument of the terror organisations of the day. Luckily Caroline was squeekie clean which is why I joined them instead.




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